Ronnie Branning set to confess all about baby swap next month as controversial storyline concludes!

The way in which the controversial Baby-Swap storyline will be revealed has been unveiled by Daily Star. The controversial storyline which has seen Ronnie Branning (Samantha Womack) swap her dead baby James with Kat Moon's(Jessie Wallace) baby Tommy will climax next month after Tanya Branning's (Jo Joyner) wedding as revealed yesterday.

In scenes set to air next month, increasingly fragile Ronnie will see the enormity of her actions after she visits the hospital in which her baby was born and when she bumps into the mid-wife who delivered James, everything sinks in as she realises how much damage she has caused not only Kat and Alfie but herself.

And as she comes to terms with what she has done, she breaks down in front of  husband Jack (Scott Maslen) as they visit his brother Max (Jake Wood) who is seriously ill in hospital. A puzzled Jack puts the tears down to seeing Max in hospital but when she says she has to go and do something, he's left even more confused.

An emotional Ronnie says: ''I'm sorry but there's something I need to do. You don't deserve any of this but he's not your son. He's not yours.'' Jack desperately tries to calm down his hysterical wife but determined, she drives off towards Walford where she finally confesses to somebody about what she has done. But who?

Tellymix aren't allowed to reveal who but we can tell you that she will confess to either her sister, Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons), the father of baby Tommy, Michael Moon (John Shepherd) or to grief-stricken Kat and Alfie. The fragile woman then disappears as the police are called and Tommy who Ronnie had swapped with dead James is sent to the hospital for a check-up.

A source for the BBC soap told Daily Star Sunday: ''It's as though Ronnie wakes up from a bad dream. Something inside her switches back on and she realises the extent of her actions. As soon as that happens, she knows she must confess all about what she's done and hand back Kat's baby.''

''She then walks out in a complete daze and and viewers will be left wondering what has happened to her as she just disappears. Kat is reunited with her baby, as the shocking news sinks in. After all that they've gone through, Kat and Alfie can't believe what they're being told. The episode will be a must-see for all fans.''

Exciting times lie ahead for fans of Eastenders. Will you be sad to see the scenes air next month? Are you pleased the storyline was cut short or should it have been longer? Who do you think Ronnie will confess to?