Today's Soap Round-Up: Wednesday 2nd March 2011

Round-UpHello and welcome to another Soaps Round-Up! Today has been a mad day in the world of soaps, a recently departed Enders legend is making a brief return, a current Corrie favourite would love to rub shoulders with Harold Bishop and Lynnie on Neighbours and to top it all off, a 90's Home And Away favourite is set to hotfoot it to Ramsay Street! Enjoy the Round-Up!

We start off with a bit of good news for fans of Eastenders. Many of us shed a tear when good old Charlie Slater (Derek Martin) made his exit on a tube earlier this year after more than a decade in Walford. However, things are looking up as Charlie will be making a brief return in a few weeks for 2 episodes. He may have left after daughter Kat (Jessica Wallace) blamed him for the ''death'' of baby Tommy but Charlie will make a short return to patch things up.

Speaking of the return, a source told showbiz website Digital Spy: ''Although they've had their ups and downs, Kat deeply regrets pushing Charlie away. The pair have a tearful reunion and there won't be a dry eye in the house.''

Moving up North to Manchester, Corrie favourite Katherine Kelly who plays Becky Mc Donald is interested in making a transition over to Erinsborough. 31-year-old Katherine has admitted that she'd love a ''transfer'' to Neighbours because the weather over here is too cold.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Kelly said jokingly: ''I'd love to put in for a transfer but they [the producers are] having none of it.

Meanwhile, staying down under, ex-Home And Away pin-up Dieter Brummer who played Shane Parrish during the 90's is set to turn up on Ramsay Street in a 7-week guest role as Captain Troy Miller, an ex-boyfriend of show favourite Sonya Mitchell (Eva Morey).

Speaking of the new cast member, executive producer for Neighbours, Susan Bower said: ''We are delighted that Dieter is joining us and very excited about the character he is playing. The Captain will certainly leave his mark on Ramsay Street.''

Dieter's character Shane was probably best known for his relationship with Angel (Melissa George), the relationship was a favourite amongst fans. So, will you be glad to see Charlie back? Would you like Becky to be serving coffee with Lyn ''Lynnie'' Scully and chatting with Lou and Karl? Are you excited to see Dieter join the rival soap? Get your comments in!