Today's Soap Round-Up: Tuesday 1st March 2011

Round-UpHello and welcome to another Soap Round-Up, this time kicking off a new month! And in today's Round-Up, we're going all Australian with 3 stories all relating to the Australian soaps. So put some shrimps on the barbie,  relax and enjoy today's collection of sizzling stories in the name of soap.


We start off in Erinsborough with the friendly residents of Ramsay Street and Detective with an eye for the ladies, Mark Brennan's upcoming exit has been explained by his actor Scott Mc Gregor. We reported last month of McGregor's departure and yesterday the model and actor revealed why he has decided to leave after around a year on the show.

In an interview with TV Week, Scott who first appeared on screens in late 2010 to investigate the attempted murder of Paul Robinson, said: ''It would've been nice to stay longer, but I turn 30 in April and there are things I want to do before I settle down. It's been tough. I didn't realise how many hours were involved, and I had to knock back some modelling jobs. I might base myself in Germany - Hamburg is great for catalogue work.


Transferring across to Neighbour's biggest rival Home And Away, they too will soon lose a hunky policeman in the shape of ex-cop and restauranteur Angelo Rosetta. Luke Jacobz who has played the role of the show favourite since July 2008 has announced his departure amidst rumours that he has been cast in Seven Network's new show Wild Boys.

Speaking ahead of his departure, the multi-talented star who also presents The X Factor in Australia told TV Week: ''I've thoroughly enjoyed playing Angelo. I've met some great people - but, as they say, as one door closes, another door opens.'' Jacobz has already filmed his final scenes which are expected to air later this year but how Angelo will leave is being kept under wraps.


Meanwhile, some of Angelo's pals are set to get up to mischief as Home And Away goes global! Yes, the residents of Summer Bay are set to cause a stir in Hawaii as four cast members fly over to Honolou for a week's worth of filming. The characters set to see a change of scenery are Indigo Walker (Samara Weaving), her boyfriend Romeo Smith (Luke Mitchell), her father Dr. Sid Parker (Robert Mammone) and mysterious returnee Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker).

Speaking of the exciting new location, series producer for the show Cameron Welsh said excitedly: ''We've got a great storyline and the locations we're shooting in are stunning - almost as good as Summer Bay! It's an exciting opportunity for the show to do something different and expand the stories we tell.'' The scenes will air later this year but what brings the fantastic four to Hawaii remains to be seen.

So are you sad to see the departure of Angelo and Mark? Can you wait until the Hawaii based scenes air? What are you hoping to see the characters get up to in Honolou? Keep your comments coming!