Jim Mc Donald for armed robbery plot in Coronation Street?

Returning Coronation Street bad boy Jim Mc D0nald is set to rob a building society in an armed robbery, reports have claimed. The ex-con returned before Christmas trying to win back ex-wife Liz Mc Donald (Beverly Callard) and was subsequently beaten up by henchmen for Liz's love interest Owen  Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies). Viewers will see him return for another shot in March as he tries to convince Liz that they're made for each other.

Sources for the show revealed earlier this week that an attempt will see Jim try and buy pub The Rovers Return off son Steve (Simon Gregson) believing that the pub is the key to unlocking Liz's heart. Liz herself returns from Spain in a few weeks and is shocked to see that Steve has shook things up with his ex Tracey Barlow (Kate Ford) landing a barmaid's slot.

According to The Sun, Steve and wife Becky (Katherine Kelly) see the unexpected proposition as a possible solution to their financial woes however Jim struggles to raise the money in order to buy the pub and takes drastic action by attempting to rob Weatherfield Building Society, threatening an employee saying: ''I've got a gun. So if you know what's good for you, my friend, you'll fill that bag to the top with all the cash, so you will.''

However things go wrong for Jim as armed police arrive on the scene, thwarting his chances of escaping as they block off the building. Realising, that he won't be able to escape without being caught by police, the Northern Irish bloke who previously served time in prison for several crimes including murder decides to hold everyone hostage threatening to shoot himself as he realises that he has messed up his chances of reuniting with his Liz. Only time will tell if this will indeed be Jim's last hurrah or if he will leave with Liz as Beverly Callard leaves the cobbles later this year.

Are you shocked by this new development? Do you hope that Jim gets the girl or do you think its time for him to stop trying? The shocking scenes will air around Easter time but with news that Jim and Liz's son Steve is to go on the run with wife Becky, will Liz have a peaceful exit or will it be chaos as her ex-husband messes up again and as her reliable son goes on the run?