Assisted Suicide storyline rumoured for Emmerdale later this year

JacksonEmmerdale is reportedly airing an assisted sucicide storyline later this year which will see Aaron Livesy help his paralysed boyfriend Jackson Walsh to take his own life. The controversial story will pan out after Jackson can no longer cope with his paralysis.

The Sun reports that the hard-hitting plot for the ITV soap set in Yorkshire will see Jackson (Marc Silcock) ask boyfriend Aaron (Danny Miller) and mother Hazel (Pauline Quirke) to help him end his life as he stuggles to live life with his disability following the train crash in October which saw Jackson lose the power of his limbs.

Jackson has struggled to cope with the paralysis relying on Hazel and Aaron to help him and often taking his anger out on his boyfriend. Rumours suggest that Jackson's loved ones will accept his request crushing deadly tablets into his drink so he no longer has to suffer.

A source for the Yorkshire-based soap told the tabloid: ''Jackson will start discussing plans to end his life in the next few weeks. His resolve to see it through will strengthen, which will lead to many rows and emotional scenes. Throught the plot, there will be a phone number on screen for a helpline for anyone affected.''

Following the report, a spokesperson for Emmerdale told showbiz website Digital Spy: ''We do not confirm or deny speculation about future storylines.'' Viewers first saw Jackson on-screen in March 2010 as he started seeing Aaron, the relationship between the pair has garnered a cult following by fans, we will see them reconciled next week following a split.

Will you be sad when these scenes air? Do you think this is the way for Jackson to go or do you think Emmerdale may follow in the footsteps of Eastenders with the controversial plot?