Ruby Buckton to hook up with new boy Casey Braxton in Home And Away?

RubyHome And Away's Ruby Buckton is reportedly set to fall for a new resident of the Australian beachtown after she ends the illicit affair with Romeo Smith (Luke Mitchell) which we will see develop in the coming weeks on-screen. The teenager's love life is set to get complicated as she's attracted to friend Indigo Walker's (Samara Weaving) beau Romeo.

The Daily Star reports that Ruby played by Rebecca Breeds will have a fling with newbie Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) after she has ended her brief affair with Romeo so he can stay with his girlfriend and Ruby's good friend Indigo. However things become complicated after Casey reveals the affair with Romeo to everyone despite Romeo still being in a relationship!

A show source said: ''Ruby has been pursuing Romeo for weeks. She doesn't care that he's in a relationship with Indi and as soon as things start to go wrong, it's Romeo who Ruy turns to. The pair sleep together but days later he's back with his girlfriend. Ruby reacts by sleeping with Casey who takes great joy in telling everyone about her love life.''

So poor Ruby is going to fall in with a bad boy, Casey is one of the three Braxton brothers, part of a gang called "The River Boys" who we reported on last month. Are you looking forward to see the new love woes on screen or would you rather have gritty plots over feeble teenage love triangles?

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