Today's Soap Round-Up: Thursday 17th February 2011

Round-UpIt's been a busy day in the soap world today and as always, we've got all the latest gossip for you wrapped up in a single handy post. Want to get more of your soap fix? Then read on and feast on three tasty morsels of soap goodness, all for you to enjoy in today's Soap Round-Up.

LynFirst of all, it's down under in Neighbours and Janet Anderwartha who plays Lyn Scully has revealed that troubled Lyn will suffer from depression in the weeks to come after bad boy Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) blackmails her over her responsibility for the fire at her house which nearly killed his son Andrew.

Speaking to Five's soap website Holy Soap, Anderwartha revealed: '' She feels completely guilty even though when she hears about the fire she doesn't actually know how it started.She was planning to put up the faulty lights but at the last minute changed her mind and hid them.'' However Lyn is set to get some much needed help by a returning favourite.

MarkMeanwhile one of Lyn's neighbours will be bowing out as Scott Mc Gregor is to leave his role as Detective Mark Brennan on the show. The ladies man turned up in August when he was put to task investigating the attempted murder of Paul Robinson however in December, Mark was promoted to a regular role as he began to see show favourite Kate Ramsay (Asleigh Brewer). Scott is to film his final scenes in April but will remain on Australian screens until August.

Audrey RobertsMeanwhile, back on English soil, Coronation Street's Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) is to get a shock next month when an elderly customer Enid passes away when she's under the care of Audrey in her salon. The hairdresser will be shocked when her elderly client dies after she praises Audrey and her grandson David (Jack P. Shepherd).

As reported by The Daily Star, Enid enjoys some Bourbon biscuits whilst saying: ''Isn't David wonderful at washing hair? I'd never let anyone else wash my hair since he did it.'' And fellow customer Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire) will get a shock after she finds Enid dead when she asks to have a biscuit. However, reports that suggested that Audrey will be accused of being responsible are completely untrue.

So there you are, a nice little round-up of all the latest goss. Are you sad to see Mark go? Will you enjoy seeing the return of an old favourite who gives Lyn some support? (Hint: He shares a surname with a Corrie character mentioned above) Will it be death by Bourbon for minor character Enid?