Corrie Newbie promises exciting plots in the future for her character

XinNew Coronation Street actress Elizabeth Tan has promised that her character Xin will be at the centre of a number of exciting stories in the coming months. The actress has been cast in the role of Tina Mc Intyre's (Michelle Keegan) old mate Xin.

The Asian character will debut on our screens tonight as she comes to the Cobbles to meet up with her old pal Tina in the double bill of the ITV soap tonight.  And the character will be playing a big part in Tina and Tina's partner Graeme Proctor's (Craig Gazey) life as she moves in with them amid personal troubles.

Speaking to Corrie's official website ahead of her character's debut, Elizabeth teased: ''Has she got secrets? Well, you'll have to watch to find out! We're expecting a really big storyline that I think is going to have everyone gripped to their television, but that's all I can say!''

Rumours surfaced last month that a dramatic sham marriage would happen between Graeme and Xin in order to keep Xin in the country as her student visa runs out. The storyline which is yet to be confirmed is rumoured to lead to the departure of Graeme after Craig Gazey confirmed his departure from the soap earlier this year.

Speaking of her character, Tan said that Xin is ''always up for a laugh'' and ''quite a funny character''. Are you excited to see Xin tonight? What are your theories on the storyline?