Corrie Character to stop divorce after lottery win!

SallyCoronation Street's Sally Webster is to put a halt to her divorce with estranged husband Kevin after he wins £250,000 on a scratch card. The Corrie lady will rip up divorce papers after she learns of his windfall.

According to News Of The World, the mechanic will win a massive quarter of a million on a scratch card from Rita's Kabin and decide to keep it a secret from his estranged wife until the divorce papers are signed after he spots her snogging her new partner Jeff.

Kevin (Michael Le Vell), delighted at his win buys everyone a round in the Rovers and thinks the money may win Sally back into his affections. However those hopes are crushed after he spots Sally getting affectionate with new man Jeff and the angry man decides not to tell her about his win.

However things get complicated as ex-friend and colleague Tyrone finds out about Kev's fortune and bursts into the room to warn Sally about the secret shouting: ''Sally...stop! Don't sign anything. Kev's won loads of cash on the lottery and not told you about it.''

A fuming Sally rips up the divorce papers and  storms round to Kevin saying: ''You can forget about this old rubbish. I want a new settlement that gives me half of everything.....including what you've won. How could you do this to me Kevin? How could you try and cheat me like that? I want all what's due to cash. And don't even thing for a minute that I won't get it.''

The explosive scenes will air in Spring. Will Sally get the cash or will Kev's plan still succeed? Are you looking forward to this.

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