Sam Womack confirmed as returning to Eastenders after a year!

RonnieEastenders actress Samantha Womack's departure will only be temporary as Ronnie Mitchell will be winging it back to Walford 12 months after her departure. The actress who confirmed her departure from the show last month on the back of the controversial baby storyline will come back after a year's break.Last night, a top BBC souce told the press: ''Sam went through a very difficult few weeks during the filming and airing of the baby swap plot. Everything got a bit too much for her and she said things that, on reflection she now doesn't agree with.''

''Sam stood up at a meeting of the cast and producers and made it clear that she is commited to the soap in the long-term and doesn't harbour any grudges. She has a lot going on in her life and wants to focus on other priorities for a year, then she'll return.''

It is understood that the decision was influenced by Sam's on-screen partner and close friend Scott Maslen who plays Jack Branning, he remains comitted to the show and has been in close contact with Sam ever since she made the decision.

The news will certainly shock the 13,000 fans who complained about the controversial baby-swap storyline leading to Sam's announcement and for producers to frantically rewrite the story so it couldĀ  conclude in May.

A source added: ''The plot will have Jack and Ronnie seperating when Sam is on her break. However, the plan is to bring them back together.'' Will you look forward to seeing this new return or do you think that it's a bad decision to bring Ronnie back after the storyline has concluded?

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