Corrie stars join You're Back In The Room and it's chaos

Coronation Street stars Antony Cotton and Jennie McAlpine join You're Back In The Room this weekend with ridiculous results.

Saturday night is the last in the current series of the show, which sees Phillip Schofield joined by world renowned hypnotist Keith Barry.

The format involves five strangers teaming up to win a potential £25,000 by completing incredibly simple challenges.

The only thing standing between them and the cash is their own minds - because the contestants have all been hypnotised. Obviously.

This weekend's finale sees Antony and Jennie join the contestants in a celebrity calendar challenge on this Saturday's show.

But it quickly turns to chaos on stage: One contestant seems more preoccupied with being best friends with Antony and Jennie, another gets distracted by an invisible dog on a lead, and a third becomes concerned about concealing her identity.

Watch a preview from the show above!

You're Back In The Room airs Saturday night on ITV from 8:25PM.

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