Enders' couple set to marry on the same day as Will and Kate?

Phil and ShirleyVolatile Eastenders couple Phil Mitchell and Shirley Carter are reportedly set to tie the knot on the same day as the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Reports suggest that bosses at the BBC Soap have decided to air the upcoming soap wedding on April 29th - the day of the royal wedding. The pair who are played by Steve Mc Fadden and Linda Henry will get engaged on Monday's episode when Phil pops the question after a stay in hospital for a heart attack.

A source told The Mirror: ''The royal wedding is the biggest event of the year and, for soap fans, Phil Mitchell is pretty close to royalty having been a favourite since he arrived in 1990. The show's bosses thought a wedding storyline would be perfect to coincide with William and Kate.''

The lead-up to the wedding however, will be anything but regal. With Phil having had an affair with troublesome Glenda Mitchell, he'll be on edge trying to get her to keep quiet about the illicit affair.

So which wedding do you think will be more glamorous? The royal proceedings or the dramatic wedding between one of soap's most volatile couples? Which will you be most excited about? Get in touch with us!

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