Hollyoaks' Texas says: ''Silas could strike again''

Tex Hollyoaks actress Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove has revealed that murdering Silas Blisset ''could kill again''. The actress who plays Texas Longford was speaking ahead of next week's episodes which see her character struggle to cope with the loss of sister India who unbeknown to her was murdered by Silas.

Speaking to soap mag Inside Soap about Texas' meltdown, the soap actress said: ''Texas has sex with Doug to get cocaine and a cocktail of tranquilisers. But she's in such a state that she misses the funeral. Texas is a complete mess and after Warren throws her out of Chez Ches - and Silas finds her and takes her to the woods.''

Continuing on, she said: ''It really looks like she's about to face the same horrible fate as her sister. In her drugged-up state, Texas says that it should have been her who died not India. Silas feels a pang of guilt and decides to redeem himself by taking her to hospital.''

While we know that India doesn't meet her maker at Silas' hands next week, Hendrickse-Spendlove teased ''She's safe for now - but he could strike again.'' With Silas on the loose, gangster Warren still out and about and loads of secrets, Chester is hotting up and it's not even Summer time.

So do you have any paticular preferences for Silas' next victim or would you rather leave the doom and gloom behind instead of Silas striking again? What is your opinion on the storyline? Get nattering!

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