Devastating Corrie storyline for Rosie?

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan who plays Rosie Webster in Coronation street has revealed that her character is involved in an upcoming devastating story line in which Kevin vows to never speak to her again.

During next week, we find that Rosie auditions for a mother and baby photoshoot with her half-brother Jack, however, things get ugly when she returns home with the wrong child.

Helen spoke to "Inside Soap" about the story line and explained: "It's not even a baby boy either! She brings home a little girl home. When she realises what she's done, she's absolutely horrified. She starts panicking and ringing her agent, and doesn't really know what to do. Then Kevin comes over and goes mad.

"Kevin is absolutely seething and has a massive go at her when he finds out Jack's missing. He tells her that she's selfish and self-obsessed - and then he says that he doesn't want to talk to her anymore. Rosie's devastated."

Helen also explains that Rosie wants nothing more than to secure the lucrative deal and so she behaves badly days before the audition.

She continued: "It's terrible, because Rosie pretends to Kevin that she wants to get to know Jack better. But the truth is, she's lying because she needs to have a baby in order to win a modelling contract that pays really well. In reality, Rosie couldn't care less about Jack."

What do you think this means for Rosie? Do you think Kevin will shut her out and never speak to her again? Or will things work themselves out?

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