Former 'Neighbours' actress in drugs scandal

Neighbours Former 'Neighbours' actress Totty Goldsmith has landed in hot water after being allegedly caught with drugs at a party. The actress who was popular in the role of Cassandra ''Cass'' Freedman in the Australian Soap was caught along with 39 other people at a music festival.

The niece of 'Grease' star Olivia Newton John was arrested at the Hot BBQ Music Festival in Point Nepean, south of Melbourne over the weekend.

In a statement issued by the actress and former member of 80's band ''The Chantzooies'', her representative said: ''Totty wishes to express her total dissaproval and embarrassment that drugs belonging to other people were found in her beach bag''

''She thanks Victoria Police for their total professionalism and courtesy and encourages them to continue to fight to protect the youth of Victoria.''

If Totty pleads guilty to carrying drugs, Goldsmith will seek help for drug addiction however Totty swears that she didn't take any drugs and was unaware any were in her bag. Do you feel sorry for Totty or do you think she should be more careful when at music festivals? Comment below.

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