'Eastenders' Heather Trott to breathe toxic gas in upcoming episode

HeatherEastenders character Heather Trott will be left fighting for her life in an upcoming episode after she inhales toxic gas.

The character played by Cheryl Fergison will be seen struggling to survive after she inhales gas from a faulty boiler that she can't afford to fix in scenes set to air next month.

Heather will be found unconcious in her flat by best mate Shirley Carter (played by Linda Henry) but whether she survives remains to be seen.

A source for the BBC soap told The Mirror: ''Heather has hit rock bottom financially and she is desperately in need of cash. But as usual she is far too proud to admit to anyone how skint she is''

''Her life hangs in the balance after she collapses in the house. She is in a really bad way and it's a race against time to get her to the hospital.''

The storyline is set to be both a portrayal of someone's desperate circumstances as they struggle to cope financially but also a warning about the dangers of carbon monoxide. Are you excited for this storyline or are you bored of it without seeing it?