Eastenders Patsy Palmer ''may leave the show'' to spend time with kids

PatsyEastenders star Patsy Palmer may be leaving the programme in order to spend more time with her kids.Patsy who recently gave birth to her fourth child has said in Hello Magazine ''I don't want to be tied to anything.'' Palmer returned to the show in 2008 and was soon at the centre of a controversial child abuse storyline involving step-daughter Whitney.

The star who is delighted with new baby Bertie told the magazine ''If and when they want me back, I'll consider it. Right now, my family is the most important part of my life.''

The star also revealed that her daughter Emilia was distressed by the controversial baby swap storyline involving Ronnie Mitchell.  Speaking of the plot, she revealed: ''She was sobbing and kept saying, 'Please don't go back there, mummy'.

If Palmer decides to leave, it will be a disaster for the BBC1 soap, with thousands of complaints about their baby-swap storyline meaning it had to be cut short and Samantha Womack already set to leave, another big name exiting would be just disastorous.

Do you want Patsy to stay or do you support her reasons for considering not returning after maternity leave? Can Eastenders recover from this massive crisis or do you think the soap is beyond repair? Get talking!!!

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