Home and Away boss teases 2011 plots

Home And AwayHome And Away's series producer Cameron Welsh has promised fans of the show that 2011 will be the best year yet.Speaking to TV Week, the boss of the Australian soap teased that the storylines will shake Summer Bay to it's core. The main plot is to revolve around a new surf gang known as ''The River Boys'' who will be making their mark on the small beach town.

''Angelo will face a challenge to his business with the arrival of the River Boys. Angelo and the River Boys will definitely butt heads, but he's not the only resident to be thrown by their arrival'', the show boss said.

Continuing on, Welsh teased ''These boys are going to shake up the Bay like we've never seen before. And yes, some confrontations will get physical''.

However 2011 isn't only about The River Boys as the boss is also keen to explore the relationship between characters, he said, ''Some relationships will be severely tested and others will be strengthened''.

With the news of hurdles in the relationship of Charlie Buckton and Angelo Rosetta, the mystery of Penn Graham's death to be revealed and Nicole to fall pregnant, 2011 may just be what Cameron has promised. After a rough period for the show, are you looking forward to these new plots?