Who Killed Lucy reveal watched by HUGE 12 million viewers

EastEnders live viewing figures ratings

bobby ee

A peak audience of 12 million viewers tuned in to last night's EastEnders live episode.

It was the tenth month conclusion to one of telly's biggest Whodunits as it was finally revealed who killed Lucy Beale.

The first episode - an hour long special - aired from 7:30PM and was seen by an average audience of 10.8 million viewers, making the show the most watched of this year so far and one of the highest rated programmes of recent times, especially outside of one-off events.

A peak audience of 11.9 million were watching as the first half of a plot twist unfolded.

The second episode at 9:30PM was watched by slightly less as the real killer was revealed.

An average of 10.3 million and a peak audience of 11.2 million saw the EastEnders flash back episode as Lucy Beale's final moments from last year's Good Friday were played back to viewers and her true murderer was unveiled.

EastEnders' 30th Anniversary week concludes tonight on BBC One with a completely live episode from 8PM, followed by a live behind the scenes show at 8:30PM.

Elsewhere last night and Emmerdale put in a rating of 5.5 million over on ITV, having clashed with the first part of EastEnders.

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