Hollyoaks unveil Finn O'Connor return details

Keith Rice

Hollyoaks have revealed details of Finn O'Connor's return to the C4 soap.

The evil schoolboy, played by Keith Rice who was brought to justice last October after raping his teacher John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) will return to screens on February 11.

Finn, who is currently serving a sentence in prison for the crime will make his comeback just as his victim is celebrating the fact that he has been offered his job back at Hollyoaks High.

As the teacher is in high spirits, he's soon brought crashing back to earth when he receives a chilling call from the teenager.

After receiving a visiting order, John Paul takes drastic action by offering local gangster Trevor Royle money to help him get rid of Finn once and for all.

And the secrets don't stop there when John Paul also finds out that Finn's sister Sinead (Stephanie Davis) has been secretly visiting him in prison.

With Sinead pregnant with Ste's baby, John Paul issues his husband with an ultimatum, making Ste choose between him and Sinead.

With all this going on, will John Paul grant Finn's request and visit him? Finn's first scenes will air on February 11.

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