Home And Away confirms new murder plot!

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Home And Away have confirmed that they are set to kill a regular character off as part of a gritty new murder plot!

The Australian soap opera which airs over here on Channel 5 is set to air a new storyline which sees one of Kyle, Casey, Brax, Andy and Josh murdered by villain Jake Pirovich (Fletcher Humphrys).

In dramatic scenes set to air on screens in Australia next week, one of the five lads will be shot dead as Jake exacts his final revenge. Viewers will know that Pirovich was responsible for the death of Charlie Buckton in 2012.

He was also recently unveiled as the leader of a drugs gang that Andy Barrett is involved with. With his brother Josh still missing, Andy asks Casey Braxton to help him retrieve the teen however after Casey's girlfriend Denny recruits Brax to help, the lads are involved in a dramatic showdown with Jake leading to tragedy.

Whilst the identity of the shooting victim is yet to be revealed, Casey is set to exit our screens later this year so fans are predicting that Lincoln Younes' character could be the one to perish.

The scenes will air on UK screens next month.

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