What's happening in Hollyoaks? Sinead learns the truth and John Paul struggles!

Spoilers TX3 HO

Sinead learns the truth about Freddie's secrecy this week but will it be enough to derail their wedding plans? Meanwhile, after the shocking events of last week, John Paul struggles to c0pe as he attempts to bravely return to school following the attack. Will Finn feel guilty?

Monday 13th January

As Fraser learns of Trevor’s betrayal, will Grace lose the love of her life forever? When a devastated Sinead sees Freddie cosying up to someone he shouldn’t, whose arms will she seek comfort in? John Paul tries to brave school after his malicious attack, but, despite his bravery, will the taunts continue?  Or will Finn confess to his ghastly deed?

Tuesday 14th January

Sinead discovers the truth about Freddie’s secrecy, but has the damage already been done? Under pressure from a malicious Grace, will Jim reveal Freddie’s treachery? Jason is shocked to realise the truth about his brother’s betrayal.

Wednesday 15th January

It’s the day of Sinead and Freddie’s wedding, but as secrets are revealed, will the marriage go ahead? Grace blackmails an unlikely source to kill Mercedes’, but will he obey? Will Lindsey reveal the truth about her darkest secret? And, wanting to help his sister, Dodger’s forced to ask Darren a difficult question…

Thursday 16th January

Desperate Freddie frantically searches for his loved one, but will he reach them before it’s too late? Will Nancy summon the courage to face her demons? Mercedes is led into the lion’s den with devastating consequences.

Friday 17th January

Darren attempts to rekindle his relationship with Nancy, but will she accept? Freddie’s torn between his head and his heart, but will he do the right thing? Grace determines to bring down anyone that gets in her way, and Fraser gives Freddie a hefty ultimatum.

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