What's happening in Emmerdale? Fire in Home Farm!

ED TX 52

Delusional Declan sets fire to Home Farm this week but with his sister Megan trapped, could his foolish actions prove costly? Meanwhile, Alicia and David prepare to walk down the aisle, will it be a festive disaster?

Monday 23rd December

Megan's worried about Declan's delusional behaviour over the business. Later, she is stunned to learn that the bank has decided to repossess. Sam arrives wanting to be paid but is shocked when Megan tells him they will have to let him go, news that is not set to go down well. But Megan’s greatest turmoil is how Declan will react to this latest financial development… Jai gives Rishi food for thought suggesting that Charity doesn't deserve the money he put into the firm. Charity seethes when Rishi tells her he needs to be properly contracted and paid from now on. Later, Jai invites Noah round on Christmas Day but Charity threatens it'll be the last time. It seems Charity is hell-bent on revenge… Arthur is instantly suspicious of “Santa” when he catches him re-adjusting his beard. His suspicions grow when Santa fails to recall what Arthur has asked for on his Christmas letter. Arthur tackles the matter head on and pulls at Santa’s beard to reveal Paddy. Poor Arthur is crushed and refuses to tell anyone else what he wants for Christmas, how will the grown-ups get round this?

Tuesday 24th December

A jealous and emotional Priya watches David at the Woolpack at his non-stag-do stag do. Aware of her sad eyes on him, David tries to comfort Priya, but fighting her tears she tells him she wants him to call off the wedding, and be a proper family with her and their baby. Filled with guilt David pulls her close for a hug - just in time to be observed by Val who has arrived in the search of more booze. Later, Val gives Priya a stern warning to stay away from David and Alicia and their wedding, but will her warning have the opposite effect? When Declan goes to drop off a Christmas present for Sam, he is shocked by the hostile reception that greets and confused when he learns that Megan has sacked him. Later, Declan confronts Megan and demands to know what’s going on. When Megan finally hits him with truth, Declan’s anger spills over, grabbing her and pushing her against the wall. It’s the final straw for Megan who appears with bags packed, ready to leave him and her life at Home Farm behind. Will she listen to his pleas to stay?

Wednesday 25th December - 1 Hour

Alicia is stressed, it is the day of her wedding and everything seems to be going wrong. Her boiler has packed in, so she can’t get ready at home then Val accidentally burns her hair whilst styling it. Meanwhile, Val has got a bad feeling Priya will spoil their wedding day and tells Alicia why.  Over with the Pollards, David is violently sick. When Priya sees Alicia in the window she gives her a murderous glare, perhaps Val is right?  With doubts setting in Alicia rings David to tell him her concerns.  Optimistic David puts the day back on track but their day is not smooth running yet, as more surprises and trouble turn up. A dress disaster, a shock and some bad news.  Could their happy day be in jeopardy? Alone at Home Farm, full of self-pity Declan is as low as he has ever been. Elsewhere, at a hotel Megan's alone wallowing in her self-pity over being so tragically alone at this time of year. Charity joins Declan for a drink in the Woolpack as Jai watches. Jai feigns indifference when Charity leaves with Declan.  Meanwhile, overwhelmed with guilt Sam sneaks back to Home Farm and replaces the stolen presents, clumsily knocking the tree over before leaving.  Megan returns home and is shocked to see the state of the place. She heads out to look for Declan. Not long after, Declan comes home with Charity but disturbed by his attitude, Charity soon leaves. However, worried about the way she left things, Charity decides to go back to Home Farm.  She arrives and is shocked to see Declan with a petrol can. He is shocked she has caught him in the act of pouring petrol around the house. Charity tries to talk sense into him but Declan is hell bent on destroying everything, including himself. He continues to douse the house with petrol, her words having no effect. He lights a match and drops it on the Christmas tree. Charity is shocked as they watch the flames take hold.

Thursday 26th December - 1 Hour

At Home Farm, the fire starts to take hold. Charity shouts at Declan to help as she throws water on it, however, it just spreads even more. Declan's satisfied as he stands and watches it burn. Outside, Megan walks in the woods, looking for Declan frantically. Charity tries to get Declan to leave the burning house, but he disables the alarm and heads back into the living room. Declan pours himself a drink while the room burns around him. Meanwhile, Megan emerges from the woods, seeing the house on fire; she calls the fire brigade. Charity bangs on the window as Declan looks at a photo album in the living room with the fire raging around him. Charity gestures to Declan to do something, as the house burns, he finally begins to panic. Charity's about to go inside when, Declan leaps out of the window unable to go through with his suicide. They get in Charity’s car and drive off. Megan approaches the house from the back and goes inside, looking for Declan; she heads upstairs. Charity pulls up in a layby they watch the house as it burns. Inside, Megan fights to remain conscious as she continues to look for Declan, she’s shocked to see the stairs have gone and all of a sudden a ceiling beam falls knocking her unconscious. The sound of sirens grows louder as Megan lies unconscious trapped in the burning house. At Wishing Well, Sam and Rachel announce they're getting married and everyone's thrilled, Rachel's emotional. Sam hears about the Home Farm fire and panics that he started it, he tells Rachel about the Christmas tree and he's determined to go up and see if there's anything he can do. The fire at Home Farm continues to rage as Sam, Rachel, Lisa and Zak approach. Sam's ashamed and afraid as the fire crew enters the house to rescue Megan. Sam's distraught, thinking he might have killed her.

Friday 27th December

Home Farm is burnt to a shell and Megan’s life hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, the fire investigation officers look over the smoldering embers of Home Farm, a desolate Sam watches from a distance. Later, Sam is questioned about the fire and his nerves take over. Rachel tries to reassure Sam he didn't cause the fire, but Sam is not convinced. Declan, Charity and Robbie are at the hospital waiting for news on Megan. Declan is feeling guilty as the police interview him about the fire but Robbie spots the glances between Declan and Charity and is suspicious. Robbie confronts them and Declan is too broken up to deny it. Charity has too much to lose and tries to take control of a distraught Declan but he is adamant he wants to confess. Charity leaves him at the hospital and arrives back at Home Farm, making sure no-one's around, she takes the CCTV hard drive and connects it to her laptop. While deleting all evidence of her and Declan being at the scene she stumbles upon footage of Sam entering the building. Charity starts to work out her strategy.

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