What's happening in Hollyoaks? Sienna gets rumbled?

Spoilers Sienna

Sienna Blake's web of lies looks set to fall apart this week after someone discovers the truth? How will she to claw back this time or is time finally up?

Monday 2nd December

As Trevor and Fraser realise Tony’s ulterior motive, will he live to see his babies’ naming ceremony? On Grace’s advice, Ruby plans revenge on their ex, but will their plans backfire? Sienna’s world crashes to the ground as the truth behind her evil lies is revealed, and Cindy provides a shoulder for Mercedes.

Tuesday 3rd December

Sienna helplessly watches on as chaos threatens to descend around her, but will Dodger reveal the truth to the entire village? Fraser makes a startling discovery, leaving Trevor in immense danger, but will he believe Grace’s protests? Ruby’s payback goes to plan, but will she end up losing more than anticipated? Sam is disappointed to have lost her confident, whilst Cindy is distraught to lose a close friend.

Wednesday 4th December

Cindy and Mercedes go head to head over the welfare of Browning’s baby, but who will win? Jim has an idea that could save Vincent from extradition, but can he persuade Vincent to answer some difficult questions? Dennis is served a harsh remembrance and Maxine is left worried about Patrick’s reaction.

Thursday 5th December

Tom is more desperate than ever to escape Sienna’s clutches, but will he succeed? George is hurt by Vincent’s cold attitude, but is there an underlying reason for his frostiness? Could love be in the air for Cindy and Dirk?

Friday 6th December

Guilty Patrick attempts a huge display of affection, but will it go to plan? Cindy refuses defeat as her and Mercedes go head to head for Browning’s inheritance, but will either of them succeed? Will Vincent find the courage to declare his true self, despite his fear? Carmel grows suspicious at Jim’s odd behaviour, and Sam vows to get to the bottom of Fraser and Trevor’s relationship.


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