What's happening in Hollyoaks? Ziggy does the unforgivable, Sienna makes a mistake?

Spoilers Ziggy Roscoe

Ziggy Roscoe does the unforgivable this week but will Ruby find out, and how will she deal with it if she does? Meanwhile, hitting rock bottom Sienna makes a decision that could lead to heartbreak but will Darren stop her?

Monday 25th November

When Darren finds Sienna in an emotional state, is there anything he can do to stop her making a regrettable decision? Jason and Robbie find themselves in a precarious situation, but how will Robbie pay the culprits back? Maxine’s desperate to prove Patrick wrong, and Ruby’s excitement is short-lived.

Tuesday 26th November

With Jack nowhere to be found, Frankie finds solace in a shocking source.  Sinead is distraught as her love life hits the rocks, whilst a false allegation turns one resident’s world upside down. Darren fights for justice, but a new piece of alarming evidence leaves everyone devastated.

Wednesday 27th November

Sienna makes a startling revelation, but will she use the information to help the Osbornes? With Ruby’s suspicions piqued and on the war path, will she uncover the truth about Ziggy’s betrayal? Tony’s asked to perform a high risk job, and Robbie attempts to fix things between Holly and Jason.

Thursday 28th November

The village gather to congratulate Tony on his achievement, but where is he? Caught up in a living nightmare, will Tony leave Trevor for dead in order to save himself? Will Ruby reveal the truth behind her erratic behaviour? On the rebound, Dodger rekindles old feelings, and Jason is left feeling inadequate compared to his brother.

Friday 29th November

Despite her denial, Frankie’s relationship is on the line, but will anybody save the Osbornes from breaking? Dodger begs for Maxine’s affections, but how will she respond? Grace befriends heartbroken Ruby and Theresa, but does she have an idea up her sleeve? Meanwhile, Jason makes a change to be more like Ziggy.

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