What's happening in Emmerdale? Declan lashes out!

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Declan is furious at nephew Robbie this week when he finds out that it's him who told Katie that her name was on the deeds. However, as he allows his dark side to be shown, it's not Robbie but Megan, Robbie's mum and Declan's sister who feels the force of his anger!

Monday 25th November

Declan fumes to realise Robbie was the one who let slip to Katie about her name being on the deeds. All are shocked by Declan’s wild state and Megan suffers when his fury turns physical. . With the truth out, Rachel worries for her family; will Jai evict Ali and Ruby? Meanwhile, Rishi attempts to comfort a distressed Jai who fears his marriage is over. Rishi is full of regret and blames himself but Jai faces up to the fact it was his own actions that got him in this state. In the Woolpack, Charity lashes out verbally at her family, feeling the idiot for not having seen the signs earlier. She thinks everyone is gossiping about her. Sandy probes a squirming Ashley about his supposed crush on Harriet. But it looks like the situation could become more uncomfortable for Ashley as Harriet sets to move in with them.

Tuesday 26th November

As Megan attempts to conceal her bruise both physically and emotionally, Robbie is suspicious and threatens Declan, convinced he is behind it. Megan wonders what has become of her brother. As Priya tells her family of her decision to keep the baby, David sternly informs her that if she wants him to be part of the their baby’s life, that means including Alicia too. It seems this pregnancy is set to have complications from the outset. As Rhona struggles to swallow her antibiotics with the sensation of taking tablets being all too overwhelming, she spits them out. A concerned Paddy wonders why Rhona appears frail, why the medication isn’t kicking in? He insists they return to the doctors. Rhona is too weak to protest. Charity bluntly tells Noah that Jai is Archie’s dad. Debbie warns her not to cut Jai out of Noah’s life, as he will be the one that suffers - after all, Jai has been a father figure to Noah too.

Wednesday 27th November

Feeling low after the fall out with Noah, Charity considers Priya’s advice to talk to Jai. Later, Jai is encouraged when Charity arrives at Holdgate and something in her demeanor has changed. But no sooner than they start making headway do they quickly come to blows when Charity comes face to face with Archie. Charity is furious and tells Jai she will be filing for divorce. In a bid to collect the most money for the Christmas fund, it seems Harriet is prepared to use underhand tactics. Meanwhile, As Robbie continues to worry for Megan, he enlists the help of Katie to try and talk her round. His plan fails when Megan manages to persuade Katie that all is well in the Macey household. Robbie feels helpless and insists he will leave rather than stick around and watch Megan stand by Declan, but will Robbie stand by his words?

Thursday 28th November - Episode 1

Noah is devastated to learn Charity is divorcing Jai and quickly sets off to the factory in a quest to find out why. A drunken Charity heads off in pursuit of Noah but is stung when she arrives to see the obvious close connection between Jai and her son. Charity does not take kindly to Jai’s words and soon takes out her anger behind the wheel of a digger… Elsewhere, Alicia and David discuss when they should tell Jacob about Priya’s pregnancy, both worried about his seemingly insecure state. As David attempts to reassure Jacob he will always be there for him, the message gets confused and Jacob is soon keenly asking if the two are getting married again. Put on the spot, how will they respond? Declan seems pleased at the prospect of Robbie leaving. But with Megan dressing provocatively and Declan instructing her to do whatever is necessary to seal the deal with Gil, Robbie begins to have second thoughts about leaving.

Thursday 28th November - Episode 2

With Charity maneuvering the digger to wreak further damage, Jai makes a surprise move of his own as he picks up a large mallet. Jai knows Charity wants his attention, surely her extreme actions must mean she still has feelings for him?  Later, when Cain goes to Charity’s aid, Moira cannot help but feel a tad put out. As Cain tries to comfort and sober Charity up, she misreads the situation and makes a move. How will Cain respond? With Jacob still pushing the question as to whether Alicia and David are getting married, he encourages a proper proposal. But as David kneels, Alicia wonders is this is for real?  How will Alicia respond? Elsewhere, The interview process begins for the parish position, but who will come out on top, Ashley or Harriet? Laurel talks to Arthur about his Christmas wish; she is determined to somehow put things right.

Friday 29th November

Cain does his best not to squirm under Jai’s questions. Meanwhile, a humiliated Charity wishes the ground could swallow her up whole. Later, a determined Jai takes Charity to a memorable place, a lake where she had promised never to leave him. Charity becomes increasingly frustrated and in a fury throws her wedding ring across the now frozen lake. Aghast and determined to get the ring back in a bid to show Charity how much he cares about her and their marriage, Jai clambers on to the ice to retrieve it. But his demonstration backfires when the ice beneath him begins to crack and he plummets into the freezing water. What will Charity do? Will she go to his aid? Or will the icy conditions turn her heart cold and leave him to face his fate?  David attempts to tell Priya he is engaged to Alicia but cannot summon the courage when he sees her suffering from pregnancy symptoms, with sick in her hair. Meanwhile Dom catches Alicia wearing her engagement ring.



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