What's happening in Hollyoaks? Ste faces trial!

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Ste faces his trial this week but with the evidence stacking up against him and his own behaviour before the trial being less than great, the question on everyone's lips is whether Ste will get away with the charges?

Monday 30th September

A guilty Maxine is overwhelmed by Patrick’s persistence to win her back, but will she reveal whose bed was she in last night? As Jim desperately tries to get out of his illicit arrangement, will he succeed? Despite his best efforts, nothing can prepare Joe for his fiancée’s heart-breaking revelation. Elsewhere, Ste is stunned to receive help from an unlikely source.

Tuesday 1st October

It’s the day of Ste’s court hearing.  Doug pulls out all the stops to keep him out of jail, but still feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt, how will Ste plead? Maxine is desperate to save her relationship, but will she succeed? Joe and Lindsey are on the rocks, but can this much loved couple sort out their differences? Leanne’s babysitting ends in disaster, and is Tony setting himself up for a fall?

Wednesday 2nd October

Ste has little time to comprehend his sentencing as he’s confronted by a frantic Leanne over his daughter’s disappearance. Can anybody persuade Leah to safety? As John Paul and Danny go in search of missing Leah, they make a horrifying discovery, but how will the couple react? Meanwhile, a fragile Tony gets some shocking news and is rushed to hospital.

Thursday 3rd October

John Paul struggles to comprehend Danny’s strange behaviour, but what is he hiding? Diane is left distraught as she learns of Tony’s fate.

Friday 4th October

As things heat up for John Paul and Danny, John Paul gets the shock of his life. After this week’s discovery, pressure mounts on a collected Fraser and Trevor, but what are they planning? Diane promises to be there for Tony.