What's happening in Emmerdale? Jimmy King is in danger!


Jimmy King is rushed to hospital this week after his crash and Nicola is feeling guilty when she realizes what has happened? Will the worried wife be able to make things up to him or is their relationship over?

Monday 30th September

Nicola leaves Jimmy a voicemail telling him to come home, unaware he has had a crash. A passing cyclist spots the van and calls an ambulance for a motionless Jimmy who is slumped over the wheel. Rodney visits Nicola with two police officers and breaks the news Jimmy has been involved in an accident. Distraught, Nicola rushes to the hospital, blaming herself for Jimmy's injuries. Will he be okay? In a bid to cheer Amy up, Val insists they go for a girly day with Victoria. However, Amy's mood shows no signs of brightening. In a last ditch attempt, Val, Victoria and Kerry put a plan into motion to cheer her up. But it fails miserably as Amy storms out, telling them all to leave her alone.  Later on, Andy tells her he needs to straighten things out and tells her how he feels. Will his admission be what finally makes her happy?

Tuesday 1st October

Amy thinks Andy only spent the night with her out of pity until he tells her he cares about her. Torn as to what she should do, Andy asks her to stay for breakfast…and to be his girlfriend. Amy's stunned and overjoyed. Meanwhile, Joanie arrives at the B&B looking for her. Eric frantically rings Amy, hoping to find out where she is and to get her there now.  Joanie's heard her and Andy's argument and has something to tell Amy. Will she arrive on time? Charity wants to stop Jimmy’s accident from dropping the business in it - as he was over his legal driving hours. Heading to Mill Cottage to avoid PC Swirling, she finds Nicola in tears and seizes the moment. She tells Nicola to cover to the police about Jimmy's hours and dutifully Nicola covers to the police Jimmy was with her, asleep, the day before his accident. Charity dashes off to get to Jimmy before the police do. Jimmy's not too cooperative and refuses to lie. He comes clean to the police. Will Charity and Nicola need a solicitor? Georgia's dressed up and ready to go to a charity auction at the tennis club, commenting on the wealth of the members. Rodney's crushed as he knows he can't afford her glamorous taste and lifestyle. Comforting Nicola, he admits Georgia doesn't think he's good enough for her. Can he find a way to keep the woman he's with in the lifestyle she's accustomed to?

Wednesday 2nd October

Ashley's decides he’s moving to Woodbine and sympathises with Bernice when she says DeeDee didn't want to move up with her. As Ashley's packing up, Laurel comes in suggesting they have a drink to say goodbye to the place - one for the road. They start to toast the place and as the night wears on, they become drunk and Laurel misses a call from Marlon. In the heat of the moment, Laurel tells Ashley she wishes he and Gabby were going to live with her, not knowing how he secretly feels for her. Edna and Sandy return to find a drunk Laurel and Ashley. Sandy worries for Ashley's feelings does Laurel feel the same or are they unrequited? Nicola tells Bernice she and Jimmy are having problems - and as per usual, Bernice is far from tactful Determined to get Jimmy back, Nicola arrives at Pear Tree Cottage telling Charity she's there to work. PC Swirling arrives however, telling Nicola her earlier statement doesn't add up. Quickly speaking up, Charity spares no detail in explaining to Swirling about Nicola's recent problems to save the company. PC Swirling advises Jimmy will have to go on a re-training course. Worried about the business, Charity claims Nicola can do deliveries. Will Charity and Nicola struggle to make it work?

Thursday 3rd October - Episode 1

Nicola gears up to do a haulage run. Rodney agrees to let Jimmy stay at his until he sorts things out with Nicola. Despite finding out Nicola is helping to keep the business afloat, Jimmy tells her he is not her man anymore and she is the worst thing to have ever happened to him. Can Nicola win Jimmy back before it's too late? Hungover from last night's drinks with Ashley and aware she messed things up, Laurel can't resist trying on the engagement ring she has found hidden in Marlon's jacket pocket. However, the ring gets stuck and Laurel has to avoid seeing Marlon. Marlon wants to propose again, but when he can't find the ring he thinks it is fate’s way of telling him to give up.  Val and Eric crash a meal Amy has organised for her, Andy, Joanie and Kyle. Reluctantly agreeing to the extra dinner guests as she worries about making a bad impression. Soon Amy is cornered into inviting Diane, Kerry and Dan to join them for dinner too. With Eric helping to make dinner and worrying about the growing numbers, Joanie and Kyle turn up early setting her further on edge. Will the dinner go without a hitch?

Thursday 3rd October - Episode 2

Amy is feeling awkward over the gatecrashed dinner and is concerned about how it will unfold. With tension already in the air, it doesn't help matters when Kerry calls Kyle her grandson and Joanie discovers she used to date Andy.  Arguments soon erupt between the dinner party guests and things look bad in front of Joanie. As Joanie goes to collect Kyle, could Amy lose him again? Laurel comes clean to Marlon about the lost engagement ring (it is still stuck on her finger!) and he asks her to marry him. Not being able to keep juicy news to herself, Bernice can't help but spread Marlon and Laurel's engagement before they've had a chance to do it themselves. But as the couple emerge from the Woolpack and officially announce the news. Will this finally be the happily ever after ending they both desperately craved? Meanwhile, Jimmy agrees to return home, for Angel’s sake. Rodney meets Veronica and she asks for “extras” on their pre-arranged date.

Friday 4th October

Despite Diane and Eric's best efforts, Val still can't understand why Joanie may have been overwhelmed by last night's "ambush". Andy tries to make Amy see Eric was trying to help, but she is not so sure, especially when Val tells her the holiday to Turkey is booked - and they leave TOMORROW.  Trying to cheer her up, Val and Amy go shopping, but Eric accuses her of encouraging Amy's attachment to Kyle when they return with an expensive coat for him. Amy feels put in her place as Joanie refuses to accept the coat for Kyle. This is all too much for Amy, and she warns Eric he'll lose her if she makes him choose between him and Kyle. Bernice hasn't told Gabby about Laurel's engagement yet. Having seen how well Arthur took the news, Ashley can't help but feel a little gutted Gabby may act the same, causing him to wallow in self-pity. Ashley and Laurel prepare to break the engagement news to Gabby, but she has already found out through Facebook. Gabby's harsh comments leave Laurel upset. Putting on a strong front as he comforts Laurel, Ashley finally breaks as he leaves.  Vanessa tells Paddy she has spoken to Rhona, and he couldn't care less. Paddy's disinterest is leaving everyone worried. Vanessa encourages Marlon to talk to Paddy about Rhona but will it work or could this be the end of Paddy and Rhona?

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