What's happening in Emmerdale? The end of Paddy and Rhona, Cameron faces court?

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It looks like the end of another relationship in the village this week as Paddy discovers Rhona with more pills and moves out of the marital home, is it the end of their relationship? Meanwhile, Cameron faces court but will he do the right thing and plead guilty?

Monday 23rd September

Rhona sees Paddy and Chas together and is surprised at their closeness. She’s hurt to realise Chas knows everything. Later Paddy’s taken aback when he sees Rhona with some pills. She’s desperate as she says she’s not taken any but Paddy’s betrayed and she’s wracked with guilt. Could this be the end of their marriage? Chas, Bob and Brenda are in the court awaiting the trial, Bob reassures Brenda if she is having second thoughts she can go but Brenda wants to be there for Nikhil and Molly Chas steels herself for the ordeal of seeing Cameron face the charges. It is not long before Brenda Kerry and Bob leave the courtroom, Brenda is worried as she spat at Cameron and although Kerry thinks she did the right thing. Brenda worries if she could be now done for contempt of court. They discuss Cameron’s plea as Chas follows them out explaining how Cameron had just asked where Debbie was. Amy’s uneasy that Val’s getting carried away, buying things for Kyle including a trike. Val urges Amy to have Kyle tomorrow. She wonders how she’s going to convince Joanie.

Tuesday 24th September

Pollard is concerned Val is too carried away by Kyle coming.  As Amy lies to Joanie she has to do a project and wants to base it around Kyle.  Amy takes Kyle back to the village for the day and Val is delighted. Pollard has massive concerns particularly when he overhears Amy talking to Kyle. Vanessa is shocked to hear Paddy has left Rhona. Later, Rhona admits to Vanessa she is not surprised he has gone, given even she can’t trust herself around pills. Rhona is later upset to learn Paddy stayed at Chas’s. Paddy tells her he is not returning home, as he can’t trust her not to take pills. Pearl and Vanessa are pleased when Rhona explains she has booked herself into rehab. She is scared but determined. Meanwhile, Adam returns to Emmerdale and Moira is delighted but it is clear she is hiding something from him. Later, Moira confesses one of their biggest clients has cancelled their order and things are looking bleak for the farm, as Declan wants to evict them. Adam wonders if Cain can help.

Wednesday 25th September

Pollard promises Val he’ll stop bothering Amy over Kyle but it’s clear he’s secretly taking action. He finds her phone and heads to visit Joanie. Amy realises where Pollard has gone. Joanie tells him she checked Amy’s background and is reassured she has come from a good home. Pollard tells her Amy is Kyle’s real mum and he is then aghast to realise Joanie didn’t know. Pollard tries to reason with her but she is adamant Amy won’t go anywhere near Kyle again. How will Amy react when she hears what Pollard has done?  Moira’s reluctant when Cain says he can get the cash to save the farm. But as she does not want to go to John’s mum for the money she might have to rely on Cain. Charity’s intrigued when Cain asks for a meeting with Jai over sourcing cash for Moira. But will Jai help? Meanwhile, Priya’s concerned Alicia may spoil their wedding now she’s left Home Farm.

Thursday 26th September - Episode 1

Amy is outside Joanie’s house, desperately trying to make amends through the door and pouring her heart out. Pollard arrives to take her home but they are shocked when suddenly Joanie opens the door. Amy tries to explain herself to Joanie but soon oversteps the mark. Pollard sends Amy back to the car and suggests he and Joanie could talk inside. Pollard asks Joanie if she'll consider letting Amy have a part in Kyle's life. Will Joanie agree or will fate cause Amy to make a rash decision when she spots Kyle leaving the house alone? Priya's upset her wedding is in jeopardy because of Alicia leaving. David's taken aback when Megan reveals it was Alicia's decision to go because of personal reasons. David's thwarted when he tries to ask Alicia why she left her job. Dom watches as they chat – he’s keen for him and Alicia to move further away from the village. Nicola is trying to make an effort for work but Jimmy shouts at her, wishing she didn't care so much about money. Nicola vows to prove herself to him and Jai. At the factory, Nicola retaliates after Kerry winds her up. Unfortunately Nicola is mortified when Jai walks in and she is caught. Can Nicola gain Jai’s respect again?

Thursday 26th September - Episode 2

Pollard nearly manages to talk Joanie round to letting Amy see Kyle occasionally, but when Joanie realises Kyle is missing. Pollard pales to see both his car and Amy have gone. Joanie is about to call the police when Amy returns with Kyle. Joanie is angry and Pollard has to force Amy to leave before she antagonises the situation further. Amy and Pollard finally arrive back in the village and Val wants to know what is going on. Amy blames Pollard for ruining everything, whilst Zak attempts to comfort her. Andy is unnerved when Amy makes a private admission. Moira has enquired about getting the farm valued. Adam suggests Cain sort things but Moira thinks she should get him out of the picture for a while when it goes up for sale. Meanwhile, Debbie tells Charity that Sarah has been getting some stick at school because of Cameron. Cain's angry about Sarah being bullied and a holiday is suggested. Moira suggests Cain go with Debbie as with him away she can try and sell the farm. Jimmy finds old texts from Steve in Nicola’s phone and demands to know whether she slept with him. What will Nicola say? Marlon and Laurel realise it’s definitely over between Paddy and Rhona. Marlon reassures Paddy he’ll always be in Leo’s life.

Friday 27th September

A tired Jimmy arrives home after staying out at work all night. Nicola lets slip Bernice knew about the kiss. Nicola and Jimmy publically row about Steve, but later, Nicola tries to talk to Jimmy but he heads off to a driving job. Laurel thinks Nicola should call him and get him home, confident it will work. But Nicola’s call remains unanswered…. Moira's caught when Debbie sees how keen she is for Cain to go on holiday. Moira explains to Debbie about wanting Cain out of the way so she can sell the farm. Debbie agrees not to say anything. Cain's a bit bemused when Moira and Debbie tell him he's going on holiday tomorrow to the Pembrokeshire coast. Will he guess Moira’s plan?

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