What's happening in Hollyoaks? Will kills again?

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Killer Will Savage strikes again this week when his anger intensifies and his girlfriend Ash Kane becomes his number one victim! However with mother Anna Savage aware of Will's guilty secret and frantic in her attempts to get through to Ash, will she be able to stop him?

Monday 16th September

As Will’s jealousy and paranoia increases, can anybody stop Will from murdering again? Jack tries to hide his dishonesty from his wife, but will Frankie realise his deceit? The McQueen’s struggle to come to terms with the loss of their loved one. Meanwhile, Patrick makes a devastating discovery that could shatter his family forever.

Tuesday 17th September

A guilty Will struggles to deal with the consequences of his actions but has he done enough to cover his tracks?  Patrick receives yet another blow as he is held fully accountable for yesterday’s events. The McQueens receive yet more distressing news, but do they have an illicit idea up their sleeves?  As Frankie’s suspicions are raised, will she get to the bottom of Jack’s treachery? Meanwhile, Leanne and Dennis are planning their dream wedding, but can they afford it?

Wednesday 18th September

As a furious Jack makes an emotional Frankie apologise to Sandy for her behaviour, Lindsey is in the wrong place at the wrong time - with devastating consequences.  As those that surround him become suspicious, are the walls finally closing in on Will? Dennis is roped in to Nana McQueen’s risky plan, but can he go through with it?

Thursday 19th September

Patrick comes to a shocking realisation. As tensions run high, could Dennis and Leanne’s wedding be called off? As Lindsey is rushed into hospital, Joe is left utterly distraught by the outcome. Could Frankie be held accountable for this tragedy? Old feelings are resurrected for Carmel, and elsewhere, Trevor is given food for thought.

Friday 20th September

Emotions escalate for the Roscoes as Frankie refuses to lay old worries to rest, but has Jack done enough to convince everyone otherwise?  Freddie struggles to keep his distance as he watches a loved one grieve. Trevor decides to get pay back, but how far will he go? Meanwhile, a proposal leaves smiles all round.

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