What's happening in Hollyoaks? Will the truth about Sienna slip out?

Spoilers TX 35

As Sienna gets the wrong end of the stick when she gets word that an engagement is being planned in the Osborne household, will the truth come out?

Monday 26th August

Thinking that Darren is about to propose, Sienna can barely contain her excitement, but is she setting herself up for a fall? Lindsey grows wary about Cindy’s attacker, but will she have the courage to speak out? It’s graduation day for Leanne, but will anybody be there to cheer her on? Meanwhile, Dodger struggles to remain composed when he realises Dennis’ error, and Tom is furious about Frankie’s betrayal.

Tuesday 27th August

Still reeling from the engagement faux pas, will the truth about Sienna’s hidden agenda be revealed?  Oblivious to the threat Dr Browning poses, could Holly be his next innocent victim? Leanne calls the wedding off, but is there anything Dennis can do to win her back? Elsewhere, Nana McQueen grows suspicious of the Savages.

Wednesday 28th August

With the events of yesterday lingering in the air, could this be the end of Sienna and Darren? Joe and Lindsey are elated to see their baby for the first time. Dr Browning begs Mercedes for one last chance; but will she give him the opportunity? Dodger attempts to keep Nana McQueen at an arm’s length, whilst Vincent receives yet another knock back

Thursday 29th August

Under immense pressure, Jim ensures Dr Browning leaves Hollyoaks; but will he go without a fight? And will Mercedes flee with him? Sienna takes her lies to a whole new level, but will the Osbornes see the truth? As Lindsey learns the true horrors of Dr Browning’s latest attack, she vows to make him pay.

Friday 30th August

A revelation rocks Trevor’s world, leaving the much loved McQueens in lethal danger. Dennis proudly shows off his investment, but will Leanne and Dodger be equally delighted? Under pressure from George, can Vincent admit his secret to Phoebe? Myra is desperate to stop her daughter from making a monumental mistake, but is it too late?

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