What's happening in Hollyoaks? Nancy's rooftop terror!

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As Nancy begins to get her life back on track this week, Sienna can't help but interfere again and in a dramatic twist of fate, Nancy ends up on top of a multi-storey carpark with her car teetering dangerously on the edge! Will she survive?

Monday 12th August

As Nancy and Darren attempt to put aside their differences for the sake of Oscar, will Sienna be shunned in the process? Ash is suspicious of Patrick, but can she put her concerns behind her for the sake of a friend? Mercedes is adamant that she is going to ruin Dr Browning’s life, but to what extreme is she prepared to go? John Paul is left stunned as ghost from his past arrives in Hollyoaks.

Tuesday 13th August

Frankie makes a gobsmacking discovery that rocks the Osborne’s world. Darren tries to comprehend the magnitude of recent events and is left with an extremely difficult decision to make, but who will he chose – Sienna, Or his wife?   John Paul realises the underlying reason for his impromptu visitor, but how will he react? Ash makes an effort to be a supportive friend, unwittingly leaving Maxine feeling dejected.

Wednesday 14th August

Sienna makes one last desperate attempt to rid of Nancy, but will she succeed? As Ash worries for her friend, Maxine gets the wrong end of the stick – with disappointing consequences. Becoming increasingly desperate, John Paul turns to an old family friend for help, and Danny gets the shock of his life when Patrick reveals just how much he knows…

Thursday 15th August

Panic stricken and with nowhere to hide, Nancy makes a gobsmacking decision with tragic consequences as Sienna’s wicked plan falls into place. Tony is devastated as the effects of chemotherapy begin to take hold, but will anyone be there to soften the blow? Frankie gives John Paul a life-shattering ultimatum, whilst Esther is left worrying if she’ll lose Tilly forever.

Friday 16th August

John Paul is shocked to learn the paternity of baby Matthew. Worried that Darren will find out the source that drove Nancy to her devastating resolution, how long will Sienna retain her silence? Holly offers a helping hand to an old flame, and Tilly makes a bold decision.