What's happening in Hollyoaks? Liberty tries to heal the rift between her brothers!

Spoilers Hollyoaks

Liberty returns to the village in order to try and heal the rift between her brothers this week but will she be able to reunite Dodger and Will before she leaves Chester for good? Meanwhile, Nancy tries to show Darren that she's willing to change but will Sienna interfere again?

Monday 22nd July

Jim demands to know what has pushed the doctor to the extreme, but can Dr Browning confide in Jim? Freddie goes to great lengths to ensure his family’s safety, whilst Maxine begs Patrick for another chance.  Meanwhile, Ash’s suspicions of Will are piqued, but does she have a secret of her own?

Tuesday 23rd July

Nancy is given hope and decides to prove once and for all that she’s going to change, but will Darren accept her apology? How will Maxine cope at Patrick’s posh fundraising event? And is love in the air for John Paul? Guilty Ash is stunned by a shock revelation.

Wednesday 24th July

With Nancy making a real effort to re-establish their family, can Darren be convinced to give Nancy another chance? Can Liberty convince her brothers to make up for one final goodbye? And has John Paul’s love life been ruined before it’s begun?

Thursday 25th July

Pressure mounts on Sinead, but will she be forced to turn to her old ways? Anna becomes increasingly concerned about her son’s fascination with his new girlfriend, Ash, and as he takes her to a cliff top could history be about to repeat itself? Elsewhere, John Paul makes a decision for Nancy and Tony gets an interesting call from an old acquaintance.

Friday 26th July

Will Ash admit to her secret? And can Will find it in his heart to forgive her? Has Sinead got herself in too deep? The Roscoe boys follow their mum, but will they discover who she’s dating? Ruby is gobsmacked by her friend’s actions, whilst Tony is faced with a moral dilemma.


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