What's happening in Emmerdale? Gennie heads towards disaster!

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Gennie gets herself into trouble this week after she accidentally makes a shocking discovery causing Debbie and Cameron to drive her towards disaster. As the shocking event unfolds, what will be the repercussions of this dramatic incident?

Monday 22nd July

Debbie is worried Gennie will talk to Chas about her and Cameron but quickly realises Gennie is in the dark over Chas and Cameron’s Vegas wedding plans. Gennie is still determined to warn Chas but first has to explain the newly acquired car to Nikhil. Meanwhile, Chas is excited about her impending wedding and suggests to a reticent Cameron he should go to Jersey to break the news to the kids. When Gennie witnesses another intimate conversation between Debbie and Cameron, she determinedly heads to Chas to warn her what she has just witnessed. Gennie is now 100% certain it is back on between Cameron and Debbie. Will Chas believe her sister or has Gennie cried wolf too many times before? Victoria is being driven mad in her own home. Living with Betty is proving to be not her idea of having a good time. She soon is distracted by Adam and begins to hope they can get back together. But Victoria is unaware what Adam has done and is soon shocked when Declan drops the bombshell Adam has slept with Katie. Victoria is left fuming and Adam doubts they will be an item again.

Tuesday 23rd July

Chas asks Debbie about Cameron but she lies about what she knows. Cameron later visits Debbie and she is determined to push him away telling him there is no hope for them and there never will be. He is stunned however when Debbie confides in him and he is shocked by what she admits...Victoria feels bad about how she has treated Betty and wants to make it up to her.  Soon she is setting the table for a slap up paella to get back in Betty’s good books. Unfortunately for Victoria it’s a complete disaster... Meanwhile, Nikhil has set his sights on buying the B&B but Gennie is distracted and Nikhil tells her to let it go about Cameron and Debbie but it is clear Gennie is determined to get proof. Gennie heads to her old office at the factory and retrieves her Dictaphone from the office drawer.

Wednesday 24th July

Chas wants Gennie to shut up slagging Cameron off or they won’t be sisters anymore. Gennie is unnerved to see Cameron glowering at her. Later, she tries to talk to Debbie about Cameron but Debbie shuns her. Chas is shocked when Cameron asks her more about what Debbie did that fateful day and Chas desperately finds herself trying to downplay it all and wants them to focus on their wedding. Later, Gennie has slipped away from the contract signing and with Dictaphone in hand slips into Debbie’s house.  Suddenly, she is trapped and is forced to bolt upstairs when Cameron follows Debbie into the house. Gennie switches on her Dictaphone and begins to listen. recording every word they say. Gennie’s jaw drops as Cameron makes a confession to an equally shocked and frightened Debbie.. Amy, Pollard, Val and Gennie watch over Nikhil, twitching with impatience as he deliberates and takes his time preparing to sign the B&B ownership contract. Gennie’s stressed as she is secretly hell bent on leaving to get her proof about Cameron and Debbie whilst Val and Pollard dare not buy their Portugal flight tickets until Nikhil has signed the dotted line... Kerry’s cheerleading outfit is quite distracting to Dan and there is lots of pre-match banter at the Home Farm charity table football game. Vanessa quizzes Ali about being gay and Sean and Robbie get into a row.  Dan is disappointed by Kerry’s behaviour when she spills the charity bucket and things go from bad to worse when Sean accuses her of stealing the cash.

Thursday 25th July - Episode 1

Debbie slaps Cameron after his revelation whilst hidden Gennie is stunned by what she has heard. Cameron is determined to prove how much he loves Debbie as he gives her the full account of events. Cameron blocks Debbie from leaving and her fear rises trapped, knowing what he is capable of. When Andy knocks on the door, Cameron prevents Debbie from calling out and Andy leaves believing Debbie is out. Will Cameron manage to make up with Debbie and will Gennie manage to escape unseen by the pair downstairs... When things go wrong at home with Victoria she asks Andy if she can stay with him. Surely fur will fly with Katie and Victoria under one roof? At Moira’s it’s a relaxed atmosphere with Rhona and Vanessa as they all drink wine but when Moira brings up the subject of Vanessa’s druggy friend, Vanessa is keen to shut down the conversation fast. Rhona is furious for the betrayal.

Thursday 26th July - Episode 2

After hearing more of Cameron’s confession, Debbie and Cameron are on their way to break news to Chas until they spot a panicked Gennie leaving Debbie’s house. Realising she has heard everything they rush after her in a desperate attempt to stop her. After a standoff at the garage Gennie revs up her car and escapes with Debbie and Cameron in hot pursuit in Debbie’s car. New driver Gennie is panicking behind the wheel. Under the pressure and with her mobile out of reach she is full of fear what to do next. Behind her Debbie is emphatic they have to stop her and they keep up the chase. Panicking Gennie loses control of the car screaming as she careers off the road and her car tumbles down the ravine. With no mobile reception Debbie and Cameron rush to the road railings and Debbie calls for an ambulance. With the car crumpled in the bottom of the ravine it is not looking good for Gennie... Val tucks into Nikhil’s celebratory champagne whilst Nikhil is really worried Gennie hasn’t yet arrived. Nikhil continues to worry and wonders if Gennie has had cold feet over the B&B. Nikhil dials Gennie and once again only reaches her voicemail where could she be?

Friday 26th July

Down in the ravine by the car, a hysterical Debbie tries to revive Gennie. The police arrive at the scene and begin investigating what lead to the incident. Debbie is in shock yet the police seem to buy her story when she explains how by just driving along she saw the accident. Back in the village, Nikhil goes home looking for Gennie while Bob and Brenda return from their honeymoon. Nikhil continues to look for Gennie confused as to why she has gone. Meanwhile, Pollard escorts a very wobbly Val home. Soon the police arrive and Nikhil is called away to talk to them in private as there has been a terrible accident... Dan brings Sean to talk to Kerry to apologise for his false accusations and Dan does his best to apologise to Kerry but she’s upset he didn’t believe in her. Will she forgive him?


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