What's happening in Hollyoaks? Will Tony tell Diane the truth?

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As Diane gets the wrong end of the stick, Tony realizes that it's time he fessed up and revealed his illness to Diane but when push comes to shove, will he finally tell her?

Monday 15th July

Ste and Sinead pay the consequences of Diane’s dishonesty, but will it have the desired effect? As the pressure mounts on Dr Browning, he’s determined to put a stop to his stalker once and for all.  With Nancy’s life looking firmly back on track, will Sienna’s malicious plan help to break up the Osborne’s?

Tuesday 16th July

As Diane gets the wrong end of the stick, will Tony find the courage put her straight? Dr Browning is growing increasingly more desperate, but will he be tempted by Ste’s intriguing idea? Patrick is left astounded by Maxine’s outlandish behaviour and Sienna ups her game, with devastating consequences.

Wednesday 17th July

Esther plants suspicions in Darren’s mind and gets the shock of his life when he visits Nancy for answers. Dr Browning concocts an extremely risky plan to ensure he gets the money he needs, but will his trusty source scupper the plan? With the news still hanging heavy on Diane’s mind, how will she react when Tony makes an admission of his true feelings? Elsewhere, Freddie comes to Lindsey’s aid…

Thursday 18th July

To the delight of the Savages, two old faces return to the village. But how will they react when they hear of Anna’s confession? Ste pushes for the raid to go ahead as agreed, but an unwelcome arrival derails their plans with devastating consequences. Esther is horrified to learn of Darren’s revelation, while Maxine tries to impress Patrick.

Friday 19th July

Dr Browning is horrified by the repercussions of his plan, but will he realise who has set him up? When Trevor pays Freddie a menacing visit, how will the Roscoes cope? Anna receives a visitor, but will she be forgiven for her crimes? Elsewhere, a Savage receives brilliant news, whilst Patrick lashes out at Maxine.