What's happening in Emmerdale? Bob and Brenda tie the knot!

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Brenda and Bob obviously not being believers in waiting decide to get engaged this week, only to then get married on the exact same day! The couple who have came through Brenda's shock diagnosis decide to make their relationship official but will it be all plain sailing?

Monday 15th July

Vanessa feels jealous at Paddy and Rhona’s closeness and is disappointed that she and Paddy are planning on going away. Later, Vanessa deliberately rushes off on a call without giving Rhona her next pill and Rhona panics at being left without her lifeline. In the pub, Rhona’s strung out when Vanessa finally comes back and gives her her pills. Vanessa’s happy her plan has worked when Rhona tells Paddy she can’t go away. Paddy’s fed up by his wife’s rejection when Vanessa suggests he go on his own and Rhona agrees. Vanessa is clearly looking forward to having Rhona to herself.  Marlon tells Sandy that Laurel’s still off after the carjacking wondering if he’ll have a word with her. He calls round to see her, telling her he was once mugged himself. He suggests checking pawn shops or the internet for her stolen items and she jumps straight online. Marlon’s put out when Laurel calls him home to show him she thinks she’s found Arthur’s stolen games console online. He’s alarmed when Laurel tells him she can find the carjacker now. He tells her to leave it or call the police and she reluctantly agrees not to pursue it. Will Laurel really take the sensible advice of her partner?

Tuesday 16th July

Laurel convinces Paddy to give her a lift into town but he is horrified to realise he has potentially brought Laurel to the carjackers house. He tries to keep her in the car but she is determined and Paddy has no choice but to go after her. An old lady opens the door, and invites Laurel to see the DS and Laurel heads in. As she examines the DS, convinced it is Arthur’s she asks Doris how she got it. Doris replies from her grandson and is shocked when Laurel accuses her grandson of being a carjacker. Laurel’s blood runs cold as her grandson Dean arrives. Has she come face to face with her attacker?Bob covers his disappointment when Brenda turns down a night in a posh restaurant with him unaware he was going to propose. Dan tries to talk Brenda round and she confesses she and Gennie are planning a ceremony - she wants to marry Bob and fills him in on her ceremony plans for Thursday. Dan tries to think of the best way of resolving this and he tries to convince Bob to propose sooner rather than later. Dan has to cover his alarm when he learns Bob’s booked a brass band for the same day as the ceremony. Meanwhile, Vanessa is delighted when Rhona agrees to go on a spa break with her.

Wednesday 17th July

Paddy wants Laurel to tell Marlon about yesterday. She angrily refuses, but Marlon comes in and wants to know what she’s not telling him. He’s shocked and angry to hear about yesterday’s events. Paddy leaves as Marlon asks why Laurel did it. He’s upset she won’t let him help and frustrated when she tells him he should have manned up to Cain. Laurel leaves, determined to take action. Will Marlon find her before she does something stupid? Dan feels pressure from both sides when Bob tells him they need to get Brenda to the proposal site tomorrow and Brenda asks for Dan’s help in getting Bob to the ceremony. Bob worries when Brenda tells him she has other plans tomorrow. Dan sees how down Bob is and stops him from cancelling the brass band, promising his friend he’ll get his special proposal... Nikhil is devastated when Gennie is adamant running the B&B isn’t what she wants as their future. Brenda tries to convince Gennie there’s a fun side to running the B&B, telling her that her and Nikhil are a great team and can make it a success. Nikhil’s glum as he tells Val and Eric they won’t be putting in an offer. Gennie enters, pulling Nikhil away, she happily tells him to buy it, leaving him reeling.

Thursday 18th July - Episode 1

Brenda and Bob continue to keep their secrets from each other about the ceremony and Bob’s proposal. Brenda’s stressing about the handfasting ceremony but realises she has to trust Dan to get Bob there on time. In the café, Bob suspects there’s something going on with Brenda and forces Dan to call her. He tells her Bob’s had an embarrassing accident and she has to come home. Back at the village, Bob and Dan force Brenda to go to the ‘farmer’s market’ in Hettie the camper van. Realising she may not make it back in time for the ceremony Brenda protests but it is too late and David and Ruby are dumbfounded as they watch them drive off shouting ‘tell Gennie I have been kidnapped’. At the site, the guests wait for Bob, Gennie and Brenda and Nikhil’s dumbstruck when David says Brenda’s been kidnapped by Bob. Meanwhile, Bob, Brenda and Dan get out of the van on a hill and Brenda finally agrees to have a picnic with Bob, sure by now it is too late for the ceremony she planned. A brass band appears and Bob romantically proposes to Brenda who delightedly accepts. Dan tells Brenda he’ll get her to the ceremony on time but can he really keep his promise?

Thursday 18th July - Episode 2

Bob, Brenda and Dan get into the helicopter and Bob asks where they are going but Brenda tells him all will be revealed soon. Gennie arrives at the glamping site just in time to see her mum, Bob and Dan arrive. Bob is gobsmacked when it becomes clear he has been brought to his own surprise wedding. He tells Brenda he loves her and she emotionally takes off her wig and gets down on one knee and asks him to marry her. The guests erupt into cheers as Bob agrees and the couple kiss. Gennie wells up as she starts the service. The couple exchange vows but Nikhil takes over from a crying Gennie and pronounces Bob and Brenda husband and wife. Everyone cheers and the guests throw petals at the happy couple and they all head back to the Woolpack for the wedding reception.Marlon rushes in to see Laurel to make sure she’s okay. She’s clearly struggling more than she’s letting on. Laurel apologises and tells him she’s going to enjoy her afternoon off, alone and Marlon heads off to Bob and Brenda’s reception. Later that evening Laurel is watching TV and thinks she hears a noise, she springs to her feet ...

Friday 19th July

Chas is excited as she has an idea to get married in Vegas in two weeks. Cameron’s cagey and tells her they’ll talk about it later as he has to go to the cash and carry. Charity’s troubled as she hears about their plans and tells Debbie, relieved that she seems to take it well. However, her face turns to stone when Charity goes. When Cameron visits Debbie he explains he’s not marrying Chas, he wants her. Debbie is however upset as he tries to explain he was only with Chas because he was desperate. She hardens and tells him to leave as she realises he’s not going to tell Chas the truth about how he feels and he’s a liar. Will Cameron tell Chas the truth? Gennie watches Debbie throw Cameron out and insists on going inside with her to find out what’s going on. Debbie covers why they were rowing but Gennie thinks it’s because she’s terrified of Cameron. She tells her he threatened her once too and thinks they should tell Chas. Debbie snaps and warns her not to, forcing her to leave. Will she listen to Debbie?




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