What's happening in Hollyoaks? The Osbornes invite Sienna back into the fold!

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The Osbornes are forced to call on Sienna when they're short staffed but have Nancy and Darren made a fatal mistake by welcoming her back into the family fold as we see the mischievous barmaid beginning to meddle straight away?

Monday 8th July

As Dr Browning begins to set his illicit plans in place, will Mercedes discover the truth? In order to secure the garage, to what extreme will Joe be pushed to? Nancy has to work hard to win Sienna round.  Meanwhile, John Paul discovers an exciting distraction to his recent heartbreak.

Tuesday 9th July

Sandy learns of the boys’ deceit and decides to take matters into her own hands, but will she succeed? Sienna is left devastated by Darren’s nonchalance towards her and, in retaliation, plots the perfect revenge. Will anyone get in the way of a loved up Esther and Tilly? Carmel returns to the village, but is love is on the rocks for Dr Browning and Mercedes?

Wednesday 10th July

Desperate for money, vulnerable Sinead puts herself in severe danger, but can she escape unharmed? John Paul is smitten, but what is his new beau hiding? When Darren vows to stand by his wife, enraged Sienna is forced her to up her game putting Nancy in jeopardy, whilst a concerned Frankie inadvertently breaks Esther’s heart.

Thursday 11th July

Sinead heads down a slippery slope and ends up getting the shock of her life. Sienna ignites Darren’s suspicions about Nancy’s addiction, but will he see through her malicious plan? Despite the fallout, will the drama revue go to plan? John Paul is left feeling dejected once more.

Friday 12th July

As Darren considers calling off Nancy’s opportunity to prove herself, will Sienna’s malevolent idea succeed?  Tony is buoyed by an old acquaintance and more determined than ever to beat his cancer.