What's happening in Emmerdale? Laurel's car-jacking terror!

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Laurel faces a terrifying ordeal this week when she becomes a victim of a carjacking, how will she react in the aftermath? Elsewhere, Rhona faces the reality of her drug addiction as her credit card bill begins to increase and she's forced to come to terms with her problems.

Monday 8th July

When Anna drops the case against Cameron, Chas is over the moon and is keen to press on with their original plans to buy the pub – but Cameron remains somewhat downbeat and is reluctant to rush into anything, leaving Chas confused. Meanwhile, as Andy struggles to juggle work and home, Diane suggests that he concede and let Debbie look after the children again. Andy and Debbie appear to reach a rapprochement. Debbie is determined to get her life back on track and heads to the pub to celebrate, but rocked by her own emotions; she is deliberately cold to Cameron. However, their exchanges do not go unnoticed by Charity. Rhona is on a knife-edge when her next parcel of pills fails to arrive on time, and she has yet more reason to worry when Paddy opens their expensive and seemingly inaccurate credit card bill. Rhona insists that she will make a call to clear it up - her web of lies spinning further.

Tuesday 9th July

With Rhona desperate for more pills, she plans on hitting a number of chemists to stock up. On discovering she has a flat tyre she bumps into Laurel who offers to drive – Rhona is apparently anxious to get Leo some teething gel. As they go from one chemist to the next in search of the “teething gel”, Rhona encourages Laurel to stay in the car and keep Leo entertained. But the day takes a sinister turn when a man in a hoodie bundles into the car and orders Laurel to drive. Elsewhere, Cameron eavesdrops as Charity talks about Debbie to Zak – saying that she just wants her daughter back to normal and that they just need to make sure nothing blows her off course – but is Cameron prepared to back away? Meanwhile, Sandy worries he may have burnt his bridges with Edna.

Wednesday 10th July

Despite her worry that she may have been raped had she not managed to get out of the car the day before, Laurel attempts to put a brave face on and carry on as normal. But as the day unfolds, it soon becomes clear that she is not coping as well as it might have first appeared – especially when she finds her stolen car in the garage at the village. Vanessa is suspicious of Rhona’s upbeat mood especially since she has not yet given Rhona her morning dose. Vanessa thinks Rhona is self-medicating and warns her that if that is the case, Rhona could overdose or worse still, die. Paddy worries that Rhona’s mood and stress levels could be a trigger for her to start drinking again. Will Rhona be able to reassure everyone?  Edna agrees to have dinner out with Sandy who is keen to make amends.

Thursday 11th July - Episode 1

Rhona’s behaviour and when she signs for a parcel, quickly works out Rhona has been taking many more pills than she had thought. Vanessa is saddened when Rhona continues to lie to her despite Vanessa now knowing the true scale of her addiction. Vanessa secretly watches as Rhona frantically searches for pills Vanessa has now hidden.  It’s too much for Rhona who later, out of desperation, smashes the medical cabinet in the surgery, making it look like a robbery. Paddy soon arrives will he buy her story? Laurel is beside herself with fear and anxiety. The police are giving her no answers and Cain has removed all trace of the car she suspected was involved. Frustrated to be getting nowhere and going through hell, Laurel’s behaviour starts to affect others and Marlon finds himself at the sharp end. Soon the police make some progress as they have made an arrest and invite Laurel to look at a digital ID parade. But will Laurel find her culprit?

Thursday 11th July - Episode 2

Rhona quickly stashes the drugs she has stolen as Paddy calls the police. Meanwhile, Moira begins to question whether Vanessa has admitted she has feelings for this ‘addicted man’. On arriving at the surgery Vanessa immediately guesses Rhona was behind the break in and is aghast at Rhona’s behaviour when she lets Pearl believe it was her fault. Later, Vanessa finds Rhona’s stash and is utterly shocked at the extent of her addiction and lies. Brenda likes the idea of a hand-fasting ceremony and wants to have it next week before all  her hair falls out. Gennie advises her mum not to make it all about her hair but Brenda makes a big decision, asking Gennie to shave her head for her. Gennie reels at the request but as Brenda sets up the clippers at the table Gennie agrees. Elsewhere, Laurel hears about the surgery robbery and panics it may be connected to her attack.

Friday 12th July

Vanessa and Rhona argue when Rhona discovers Vanessa has taken away all her pills. As they start apportioning blame on each other Vanessa is shocked by Rhona’s accusations. Vanessa implores her to come clean to Paddy. Can Rhona admit her addiction to her husband? While Vanessa is torn when Rhona pleads telling her she loves her.  With Vanessa’s confused feelings over Rhona can she continue to support and look after her friend? Elsewhere,David, Priya, Rachel and Sam struggle to remain civil as they face each other over a dinner table.  Can these sparring partners make it up to each other?  Brenda is low, without her head of hair and devoid of confidence she believes Bob will turn his back now she looks so different. Rodney and Gennie try to cheer her up but could Brenda be right over Bob’s reaction?


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