What's happening in Hollyoaks? Wedding bells for Mercy and Browning!

Spoilers Hollyoaks

It's wedding bells in the village this week as Mercedes and Doctor Browning tie the knot but with the truth about Lynsey's murder threatening to come tumbling out of the closet, will someone be able to put a stop to their nuptials?

Monday 17th June

As Sienna attempts to firmly establish herself as part of the Osbornes, how will Esther and Tom react? To what lengths will Dr Browning go to ensure his deceitful secret remains buried? Blissfully unaware, a loved up Mercedes writes her own pre-nuptials.

Tuesday 18th June

It’s the day of the wedding, but when a source close to the bride is left horrified by Dr Browning’s ugly past, can they stop Mercedes from making a monumental mistake? As Tom struggles to cope after yesterday’s astonishing revelation, is it game over for Sienna? Elsewhere, Patrick is stunned by Maxine’s outlandish behaviour.

Wednesday 19th June

Having being dragged to the altar kicking and screaming, can Mercedes find it in her to marry Dr Browning? Will Darren see through Sienna’s malicious lies?  A wedding gift leaves Dr Browning rattled to the core, whilst Maxine is left humiliated by a strong-headed employee.

Thursday 20th June

Maxine makes Patrick an offer he can’t refuse, but will it end in tears? Dr Browning desperately searches for answers, but who is responsible for yesterday’s present? Vincent unwittingly infuriates George and Dirk pays a visit to troubled Anna.

Friday 21st June

Anna seeks revenge against Patrick, but will she be successful? George is concerned by Phoebe’s growing affections for Vincent, but does he have a secret agenda? Dennis returns to the village and is shocked to learn about recent events…

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