What's happening in Emmerdale this week? Katie finds out the truth about Declan and Charity!

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Katie is fuming this week when she finds out about Charity and Declan but the scorned wife decides to plot revenge, what does she have up her sleeve? Meanwhile,Rhona continues to hide her addiction ordering pills off the internet.

Monday 17th June

Rhona is nervous about her upcoming support group meeting and temporarily freezes when Paddy asks her to attend a networking event with him. Luckily, Vanessa steps in and provides a credible excuse suggesting that it would clash with her Pilates class. But Paddy has picked up on the strange vibe and is becoming increasingly aware of Rhona’s erratic behaviour. He confides in Marlon who does his best to reassure his friend, but does Marlon harbour concerns too? Elsewhere, A walking wounded Kerry feels isolated from the village and her next move is anyone’s guess, where will she stay? But Dan seems taken by Kerry despite all of her floors, will he come to her rescue? Meanwhile, Megan worries about Robbie’s whereabouts but she seems to be the only one that cares.

Tuesday 18th June

Declan is smug that he made a good business decision when he vetoed a stage supplier that has now gone bust. Megan reluctantly admits that she went with the company against Declan’s wishes. Declan warns her that she needs to fix it or they will be finished... Nikhil is adamant he will not be bought off by Jai and his dad, but Gennie feels that she is the one suffering whilst Nikhil makes his stand. Later, when Jai and Rishi corner Gennie, her loyalties are tested to the max - but who will she side with? Megan continues to worry about Robbie who has gone AWOL. He returns just as things have turned sour at Home Farm. Later, Adam fumes at Robbie for pulling a disappearing act. Declan warns Robbie, sort things out with his mum or he will pay, just like he is paying now for the mistakes Megan is making whilst being preoccupied about her son...

Wednesday 19th June

With everything riding on the success of the festival, news from the Foreman that they have discovered possible body parts at the site could prove to be the final nail in the coffin. Will Declan do what is morally right, or cover up in more ways than one? Rhona is evasive with Vanessa about her first support meeting and is less than keen when Vanessa wants to start lowering her dosage. Rhona attempts to find other ways of getting hold of the drugs she needs and seems to be finding it easier to deceive those around her... Elsewhere, Nikhil is unsettled by his employment status.

Thursday 20th June - Episode 1

Declan has paid the workmen hush money to not mention the bones they have found but he worries to Megan what Katie will do, knowing she wants him to report it to the police. Katie initially assumes Declan has made the right call but later both Declan and Megan panic when Katie confronts them. She knows he hasn’t called them as work on the glamping site is continuing as normal. Declan and Megan realise there is no way out when Katie demands he call them now, but will he knowing it means the end of the glamping, the festival and his dreams? Rhona is dressed all sporty for her fictional ‘Pilates’ class. Yet unable to face up to her problems she doesn’t even enter the meeting. At the door Rhona spots another addict who soon makes her face up to the reality of what she is doing. Can Rhona get out of this spiral she is in? Elsewhere, Belle and Gemma continue to argue.

Thursday 20th June - Episode 2

Wound up by Declan’s betrayal Katie confides her hurt in Chas who assumes Katie knows about Charity. As Katie rails on about Declan’s big betrayal, Chas soon realises they are talking at cross purposes and quickly leaves before she gets herself into a scrape.  But Katie is suspicious and later returns to quiz Chas about what she knows. Soon Chas is telling Katie about Declan’s one night stand with Charity. Katie is distraught by the extent of his dishonesty and sickened to know Jai and Cameron also know. How will Katie react or could she be planning to serve her revenge the best way - cold and with a smile? Gemma is mortified to arrive at school and see Belle has got her revenge by going public on her termination. Zak and Lisa are summoned to the school and are horrified at what Belle has done - ashamed and unable to recognise what she has become.  Dom is livid at their daughter as Gemma now sees her life as over. Dom is gunning for Belle and will not stop until she’s expelled and Zak and Lisa despair.

Friday 21st June

Declan is optimistic and confident about the festival sponsorship event that day whilst Katie secretly plots her revenge. Chas worries what Katie is up to, knowing she is planning something big but Katie remains tight lipped on what she about to do.  As the event begins at Home Farm Declan is surprised and unnerved to discover Katie has convinced both Charity and Jai to attend. They were not on his guest list, why would she have been so insistent on them coming?  Soon Katie’s motives become clear when she taps on her glass to gather the whole room’s attention. She’s has an announcement to make and Declan is soon sweating. After a visit from the Social Services Debbie asks Dom for one more favour. She will need some help soon to move the rest of the booze. Dom reluctantly agrees despite having problems of his own to sort. Chas’s dreams of owning the pub are dashed when Cameron makes a decision over his kids and his finances. Gennie can’t believe Chas won’t go for it on her own.