What's happening in Hollyoaks? Darren and Nancy face marriage strife!

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Darren and Nancy clash again this week after Sienna steps her manipulation up a notch, will the couple be able to come through the latest troubles in their relationship when Nancy's pill addiction is revealed?

Monday 3rd June

Darren confronts his wife about his shocking discovery, but to what extreme will Sienna go to teach Nancy a lesson?  As pressure mounts on the Roscoes, will Joe do something he regrets? Dr Browning is shocked by the identity of his new student, whilst Jason makes a monumental mistake that could prove devastatingly costly for Ste.

Tuesday 4th June

With Nancy oblivious to the severe danger that surrounds her and her baby, will anybody reach them in time to save them? Ste’s day drastically deteriorates, leaving Doug well and truly in the lurch. Desperate for money, how low will Sinead sink in order to stand on her own two feet? Elsewhere, Lindsey and Joe are left astounded by Mercedes’ raucous behaviour.

Wednesday 5th June

As Nancy promises to get her life back on track, thwarted Sienna ups the ante; but will her malicious tricks continue to work? Mercedes notices odd behaviour in the club; is she about to get to the bottom of a new employees ulterior motive?

Thursday 6th June

It’s operation day, and when Tony is confronted by a shock visitor, how will he react? How far will Ste go to keep his illicit operation running? Sinead’s out of her depth and pays the price. Meanwhile, Tilly has a heart to heart with a distraught Esther.

Friday 7th June

As Ste sells his soul to the devil, can he really complete the ghastly task that he’s been set? As old feelings develop, will Tilly and Esther take their friendship to the next level? Phoebe risks everything to ensure Vincent’s safety, whilst Tony receives life-shattering news.