What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Texas is laid to rest!

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After his dastardly actions in murdering his own wife, Will tries to keep the truth from slipping out this week as Texas' funeral takes place. But Dodger is intent on finding out who murdered her and it appears as if he's onto someone...Theresa!

Monday 27th May

As Dodger vows to discover Texas’ murderer, will he uncover the despicable truth?  Tormented, Callum makes an admission that rocks Martha’s world, whilst Tony’s attempts to open up to Diane fail miserably.  And as the Roscoe’s try to settle into village life a revelation from Jason changes everything.

Tuesday 28th May

Meanwhile, Dodger puts pressure on Theresa but is he ready to hear her life-shattering confession? Its Leanne’s plea hearing, but Will’s plan suffers a setback when loyal Doug refuses to believe she’s guilty of murder. Elsewhere Mercedes happily plans her wedding, but Dr Browning is left aghast by the date.  And haunted by recent events, how will Sinead cope on her first day back at Price Slice?

Wednesday 29th May

Tensions run high at Texas’ funeral, as Will struggles with his speech, how will his brother cope? Theresa is left heartbroken by Dodger’s behaviour, but has he pushed her too far? Elsewhere, Maxine is curious about Patrick’s behaviour, and Sandy makes a devastating decision for the good of her family.

Thursday 30th May

Dodger is on the warpath, but just how far is a heartbroken Theresa prepared to go to ensure her secret remains hidden? Maxine is shocked to see a softer side to Patrick, perhaps there is a future for this star crossed pair? Elsewhere Mercedes turns her nose up at Dr Browning’s pre-wedding gift gift, and Jason finds himself in peril.

Friday 31st May

Time is ticking, but will anybody find Jason before it’s too late? Sienna’s scheming starts to fall apart, but how will she react? Jim is stunned to learn the dark secret at the heart of the McQueens, and has Dr Browning revealed too much? Elsewhere, as Dodger reaches an all-time low, he reaches a shocking conclusion.

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