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As Sonya begins to regain her memory, it spells disaster for Mason who finds the net closing in on him when it comes to the attempted robbery at Lassiter's, what will the Turners do?

Monday 27th May

Kyle is gutted when Georgia insists she’s too embarrassed to attend the ball while she’s being investigated over the missing drugs. Encouragd by Rhiannon not to give up so easily, Kyle creates a mini-ball in his living room to cheer Georgia up. Kyle and Georgia share their first kiss, but their romance comes to screeching halt when Toadie arrives with bad news – Georgia’s been fired. Nervously preparing for his first date with Rani, Callum does his best to dodge Toadie’s embarrassing questions but struggles to hide his hopes for a kiss. However, he’s disappointed to realise Rani’s forgotten their date, and is instead packing up Priya’s stuff with Ajay. Distracted by her mother’s keepsakes, Rani enlists Callum to help her find out what’s on one of Priya’s old floppy disks. Using Karl’s old computer Callum and Rani discover Priya’s long-lost play. Karl insists they give Rani time to read her mother’s masterpiece, thwarting Callum’s date plans. Shrugging off Sheila’s concerns about her new sales job with Paul, Rhiannon dolls herself up to charm councillor Alan. However, when Alan takes it too far, Rhiannon warns Paul she’s not that kind of girl. Following his run-in with Ajay, Paul’s more desperate than ever to get his Lassiters Apartments project through council, and urges Rhiannon to play along. Needing the money, Rhiannon bites her tongue. But when Paul reveals his plan to blackmail Alan, Rhiannon’s disgusted and refuses to be a part of it.


Tuesday 28th May

Seeing Sonya struggle to remember their wedding day, Toadie comes up with a plan to beat her amnesia and enlists Georgia’s help to pull it off. While Georgia takes care of the intriguing preparations, Toadie comes to a new understanding of how tough it is for Steph to be separated from her children and offers to help get access to them. It looks like their friendship may be salvaged, until Steph discovers what Toadie has been planning: he is going to surprise Sonya with a vow renewal ceremony and, despite his protestations of friendship, he hasn’t invited Steph. Stung by the perceived betrayal, will Steph be able to leave it at that? Steph catches a hint of discord between Vanessa and Lucas when she sees them argue over whether Lucas is fit to ride his motorbike post-surgery. Steph plays on Vanessa’s fears by casually letting slip that Lucas has had a few death-defying bike riding accidents. Already terrified of losing him to cancer, Vanessa decides to make sure she doesn’t lose him to a road accident. She insists Lucas give up his bike – for good. Kyle wants to speed things up with Georgia, while she wants to take things slow. He takes delivery of the spa but is disappointed when his attempt to romance Georgia backfires. Suspecting she won’t get involved with him until her work situation is resolved, Kyle develops a plan to solve the mystery of who took the drugs so they can pick up where they left off.


Wednesday 29th May

Romance is in the air as Toadie prepares for the surprise wedding, leaving Georgia with the challenge of taking a break from work without giving the game away. When Sonya arrives to meet Toadie, she is delighted to see her closest friends and family waiting to celebrate the marriage. The ceremony is beautiful and goes off without a hitch. Sonya even manages to remember her vows, but cannot remember any other details from the day. However, when she inadvertently returns to the same place where she witnessed the robbers, her memory comes flooding back… Although his relationship with Vanessa is going from strength to strength, Lucas finds his motorbike has become a bone of contention and agrees to sell it, suggesting to Steph that maybe she buy it. Steph’s surprised that Lucas could give up his bike, knowing how much he loves it. Certain that this is a sign Lucas is with the wrong woman, Steph decides to use the bike to drive a wedge between Vanessa and the man she loves. Mason feels like he’s getting it together in Erinsborough. He has a girlfriend, he has a job, and he’s starting to make friends - with everyone but Chris. When asked why, Chris’s answer is simple: he doesn’t trust Mason. Despite Chris’s comments, Mason is confident that as long as Sonya’s memory doesn’t return, he will remain in the clear. Little does he know...


Thursday 30th May

After Sonya regains her memory, she struggles with the idea of reporting Mason to the police. Toadie convinces her it’s the right thing to do, and Mason is arrested as a result. However, he refuses to implicate Robbo, even when Matt pleads for him to protect himself. Wanting to help, Bailey reveals his involvement in the Mt. Isa break-in, which in turn leads Mason to spill the beans. Kate is devastated by what she sees and, with the Turner household reeling, Mason realises he could be facing a 15-year jail sentence for his crimes. After Vanessa’s concern over Steph’s motives leads her to attack him about his bike, Lucas vents to Steph. Steph plays the innocent, despite loving the fact that the couple are being torn apart. When Lauren warns her to be careful, Vanessa tries to apologise to Lucas. But when she suggests to Lucas that Steph has an ulterior motive, he thinks she’s being paranoid. After speaking to Toadie, Lucas realises that Vanessa might have a point, but he’s not willing to see the extent of Steph’s hidden motives.  Driven by the guilt she’s feeling over what she did to the Turner family, Sonya re-focuses on another mother who has lost a child, namely Steph. When she encourages Toadie to look into helping her, he admits they are not on the best of terms. Sonya pressures him, and he puts Ajay on the case – they’ll help her, like it or not.


Friday 31st May

All three Turner men are now in trouble with the law, especially Mason. After being bailed out, Mason is unable to contact Kate and fears he’s lost her. His attempts to talk to her fail, and to make matters worse, Paul sets her up with a place to stay at Lassiters Hotel until the renovations at home are complete. Meanwhile, Amber is suffering enormous guilt because Mason agreed to the robbery only to try to save her from Robbo. She explains everything to Kate in the hope she’ll forgive her brother. Amber's efforts pay off when that night Mason goes to visit Kate at the hotel and, after much soul searching, she falls back into his arms. After being pimped out by Paul, Rhiannon demands he pay her the money he owed her, and she uses it to buy her son Jackson an Xbox for his birthday. However, when Jackson calls the house phone wanting to speak to her, Chris and Sheila are surprised that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Sheila soon discovers that Rhiannon believes she’s a useless parent and has left her son because she thought it was the best thing she could do for him. With the help of a sympathetic Sheila, Rhiannon quickly turns her life around: she’s going back to Mt. Isa to try to be a better mother. Rhiannon returns the Xbox and gives Paul all of his money back. Paul mocks her attempts to improve herself, but Rhiannon believes he could benefit from change as well; that’s why she has reported him for bribing Alan, the local councillor.

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