What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Till DEATH us do part!

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It's the day of Texas' wedding to Will this week but Mercedes' quest for her missing ransom money, secrets and lies and Texas' feelings for Will's half-brother Dodger threaten to ruin the big day. And in true Hollyoaks style, the day ends in tragedy when Texas is pushed out of a window and killed! Who did it?

Monday 6th May

Mercedes is on the warpath as she determines to get her money back, but will she strike gold? Maxine is stuck between a rock and a hard place as she’s forced to make a choice – her friendship or her relationship? Elsewhere Darren promises to stand by Tony and Robbie is surprised to see a familiar face in the village…

Tuesday 7th May

With wedding preparations in full swing, how will Texas react to Leanne’s arrival back in the village? Dodger finds the perfect distraction to the wedding as he decides to rekindle an old flame. Will finds fears that his lies might be about to be exposed but gets help from an unlikely ally in Browning.  But what will Browning expect in return?

Wednesday 8th May

As the wedding day nears, Dodger makes a shock confession, but who is at the receiving end? Mercedes has had enough of playing the waiting game and insists she wants her money back.  Now.  Maxine has a hot date but is she really ready to move on from Patrick?  Meanwhile, Sienna enlists help from a close friend and Doug and Leanne help Texas celebrate her last night as a single woman.

Thursday 9th May

It’s the day of the wedding and Dodger makes one last plea to Texas but can he persuade her not to go through with it?  Mercedes and Dr Browning are determined to get what is rightfully theirs – no matter what.  And will anyone notice Nancy’s addiction? As secrets and lies are uncovered, Texas’ big day turns into a shocking tragedy…

 Friday 10th May

Who is responsible for Texas’ fall?  While one wedding guest flees the venue in the wake of the tragedy, another is grateful for a false alibi. Meanwhile, will Mercedes and Dr Browning end up with the money after all?