What's happening in Neighbours this week? Mason gets a surprise visitor!

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Mason Turner gets an unexpected visitor this week when his ex-girlfriend Rhiannon rides up into town to surprise him, but with the young lad trying to impress Kate Ramsay, how will he deal with Rhinannon's presence?

Monday 6th May

Seeing Vanessa's relief over Patrick finally being out of the woods, Lucas doesn’t have the heart to tell her about his own health crisis. He holds back the truth about his blood test results, and Karl’s reluctantly forced to go along with it, despite feeling Lucas needs her support. However, when Karl does a full physical on Lucas and discovers a lump, it’s a wake-up call that this could be something serious. Lucas demands to know the worst case scenario and Karl confirms this could be testicular cancer. More tests are needed, and Karl again urges him to tell Vanessa what he’s going through. But when Lucas prepares to tell her, her positive frame of mind and optimism about their future sees him change his mind. Georgia treats Pete after an injury at work, and he’s immediately taken by her. However, she’s oblivious to his attempts to flirt with her. When Toadie and the family are unexpectedly called away to Colac to look after Angie, Georgia’s left alone, and reluctant to celebrate her birthday. But Kyle has other ideas. Seeing an opportunity to make amends, he convinces Kate and Chris to join him for her birthday celebration at Charlie’s. When, after some pressure from Kate, Georgia shows up at the bar, her anxiety about her breakup gets the better of her and she backs out. Kate’s forced to make excuses for her, claiming Georgia got called into work. When Kyle later turns up at the hospital to give Georgia her birthday cake, she’s nowhere to be seen and he releases he's been on the receiving end of a lie. Mason’s still chasing Kate and, after she declines another offer to have a drink with him, Lou offers some grandfatherly advice. Kate is a woman of substance, so Mason had better step up his game if he’s got any chance of winning her affections. Taking the idea on board, Mason downloads some songs composed by Sophie at her new school and gives them to Kate. Surprised by the gesture, Kate invites him to join her at Georgia’s birthday drinks, where the pair hit it off. But just as it looks like Mason’s finally making progress, he has an unexpected visitor. Will this throw a spanner in the works?


Tuesday 7th May

Mason is shocked by the appearance of his 25-year-old ex-girlfriend Rhiannon, and even more so when it seems she doesn’t realise they’re over and assumes he'll be returning to Mt Isa. He's mortified when she introduces herself to Kate as his girlfriend; although Mason tries to explain, the damage is done. When frustrated Mason tells Rhiannon he’s not returning to Mt Isa so she may as well go home, he thinks he’s finally got rid of her. But just as he's trying again to make amends with Kate, Rhiannon appears with a new plan: she’s found a place to live and is moving onto Ramsay Street. Georgia’s self-esteem remains at rock-bottom after her breakup, despite Kate’s assurances that any man would be lucky to have her. However, when Georgia realises hot barman Pete is still interested in her, she takes Kate’s advice and accepts his offer of a drink together. Their impromptu date is going okay until fragile Georgia makes a spontaneous decision, attempting to kiss Pete. He’s taken by surprise and doesn’t respond the way she hoped. Embarrassed, she flees, feeling worse than ever. Amber continues to mourn her breakup with Robbo, and she’s made to feel even worse when Rhiannon unknowingly reveals he was an unfaithful sleaze. When Chris finds devastated Amber and comforts her, a friendship begins to grow. Amber’s also lifted by the support of Mason, who promises to look out for her from now on when it comes to potential boyfriends. Kyle’s still frustrated that Georgia seems to be distancing herself from him, but Chris soon realises he’s actually the one she’s trying to avoid. Chris is hurt when Georgia admits that every time she sees him it reminds her of the pain Scotty caused; their potential friendship has been nipped in the bud. Meanwhile, Kyle has renewed hope that things might eventually work out with Georgia, and when he realises Pete’s interested in her too, he refuses to let him move into the share house.


Wednesday 8th May

Mason surprises his family when he tells them Rhiannon has moved into the street. Lauren and Matt both strongly advise him to end it with her, but he has another idea: he wants to use his relationship with Rhiannon to find out where Robbo is hiding so that they can confront him about the threatening letter. However, Rhiannon makes Mason pay for the information with his affection, and this is witnessed by an unimpressed Kate. When Mason tells him of Robbo's whereabouts, Matt forbids him from pursuing the matter. Bailey overhears this and realises his dad is still protecting him. Mason goes to Rhiannon, intending to find Robbo himself, and warns her not to tip off her mates in Mt Isa that he’s on his way. Rhiannon confesses she was the one who wrote the threatening letter. Mason is stunned, but even more so when he learns that Bailey is on his way to turn himself into the police. Suddenly it’s a race against time. Georgia still isn’t sleeping well, and the disastrous date with Pete has only exacerbated her situation. She confides in Kate, who advises her to explain things to Pete. Pete, meanwhile, shares his experience with Kyle, who is shocked that Georgia is out dating again. Kyle confronts her and asks her to tell him the truth, only to be left thinking that she just isn’t into him.


Thursday 9th May

It’s a race against the clock as Mason persuades a reluctant Kate to drive him to the police station in order to stop Bailey confessing to his part in the Mt Isa robbery. Arriving just in time, Mason uses the cover story of having found the family cat to get Bailey out of there. Mason explains to Bailey that it was Rhiannon who wrote Matt the threatening letter, because she was angry at him for the way he’d been treating his eldest son, and also, Mason may have led Rhiannon to believe if it wasn’t for his dad, they’d still be together. Bailey advises his son to be honest with Rhiannon, but when Mason tells Rhiannon it’s over, she refuses to leave. In the wake of Rhiannon’s breakup with Mason, Kyle attempts to comfort her with a game of foosball. But his efforts fall short, and Rhiannon’s even more devastated when she witnesses Mason flirting with Kate. Putting her own devastation aside, Rhiannon makes Kate realise that she’s not just another girl to Mason, leaving the way clear for her to potentially pursue a relationship with him. Rani returns to the scene of the explosion, where Paul becomes aware of just how badly she’s coping with Priya’s death. Paul relays his concern to Susan, and after her own unsettling conversation with Rani, she suggests to Ajay that it’s time for his daughter to see a counsellor. Meanwhile, Rani becomes more and more desperate, begging the apparition of her mother to give her a sign to prove her love. But when nothing is forthcoming, Rani loses it, giving in to her grief and despair. Meanwhile, Ajay and Paul continue to pursue legal action against the gas bottle company. When Paul suggests they combine forces, Ajay refuses, accusing him of purely monetary motives. Despite Ajay’s animosity, Paul is determined to look out for Rani, and surprises Susan when he inadvertently discloses his love for Priya.


Friday 10th May

Recruited by Susan to help clear Priya’s possessions out of the principal’s office, Rani finds her mother’s journal, and Susan encourages her to keep it and read it. But when Susan reports this to Ajay, he’s appalled, revealing it’s a journal Priya wrote during their marriage counseling and could reveal damaging secrets. He rushes off to stop his daughter reading it. Meanwhile, despite reading one wounding passage, Rani is drawn to going through more – and learns just how powerfully her mother loved her. Consoled at last, Rani allows Priya’s image to fade out of her life. When Ajay arrives home, she reassures him that she’s put all her doubts behind her. They will face the future together, but it’s far from likely that it will be plain sailing all the way. When worried Vanessa reports another family needs their hospital accommodation, Lucas happily reveals he’s found them a new home – Susan’s old apartment. Vanessa loves it and they move in immediately. Emboldened, Lucas decides it’s time to ask her to marry him. But what with Vanessa’s joyous home-making, baby Patrick’s imminent release from hospital and his guilt about hiding his health concerns, he can’t find the right moment to pop the question. As Lucas continues in denial about his health problems, Karl resorts to tough talk and makes him keep an appointment to discuss his latest pathology reports. There Karl reveals the results confirm his suspicions: Lucas has testicular cancer. Pressed to give a worst case scenario, Karl can’t deny that if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, Lucas could be facing death.

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