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This week in Neighbours, Rani and Ajay struggle to hold it together in the wake of Priya's death as Ajay vows to get revenge on Paul Robinson, believing him to be responsible for his wife's death and his daughter puts on a brave face but is carrying a lot of grief.

Monday 22nd April

After being confronted with the truth about Scotty's sexuality, Georgia is unable to understand how she could have missed something so significant during their eight years together. She goes to confront him, only to find that he's gone, having left a short note confessing that the accusations are true. Humiliated, Georgia turns to Chris for answers, assuming he'll understand Scotty's behaviour because he's gay, but Chris can't shed any light. Kyle tries to be supportive, sending her some colourful flowers to cheer her up, but his effort backfires as Georgia tells him in no uncertain terms that nothing can happen between them. She's swearing off relationships altogether. Concerned about Ajay, Rani takes it upon herself to keep the household running smoothly, coping exceedingly well in the circumstances. But when she shows up at Priya's memorial tree planting wearing the same dress she was wearing when Priya died, alarm bells go off for both Susan and Sophie. Sophie tries to get Rani to open up, but Rani maintains that she's fine. Later, with Susan, she softens, seeming vulnerable – but the moment passes, Rani holding it together even in Susan's motherly embrace. Clearly, something is preventing her from being able to express her grief. Susan is surprised when she receives a call from Nicole Menkin, offering her the job of Principal at Erinsborough High. She is quick to decline, worried that accepting would be disrespectful to Priya. Ajay and Rani, however, cause her to rethink the matter when they separately assure her that they support her appointment as Principal, and they're sure Priya would have done the same. Grieving for their mutual love, Paul and Ajay cope very differently, with Paul attempting to vindicate himself to appease his own guilt over Priya's death, while Ajay plants a tree in her memory. Having had no closure, Paul is drawn to visit the memorial tree, only to run into Ajay, who insists that Paul is responsible for Priya's death and vows to get revenge.


Tuesday 23rd April

Determined to avenge Priya's death, Ajay urges Toadie to take on his negligence case against Lassiters. Although Toadie advises him to wait until the police conclude their investigation, stubborn Ajay refuses and insists Paul's to blame. Meanwhile, Callum pleads with Toadie not to sue the man who saved his life, but when Toadie refuses to let Ajay down, Callum attempts to repay Paul in other ways. Paul initially dismisses Callum's efforts, but when he learns Toadie's representing Ajay, he tries to guilt-trip Toadie into dropping the case. Toadie resists, but is ultimately forced to let Ajay down when Simmons & Colbert refuse to take the lawsuit until the police pinpoint who's to blame for the explosion. Desperate to make Paul suffer, Ajay insists he'll take on the case himself despite the lack of evidence, leaving Toadie worried his friend's need for revenge is clouding his judgement. Fearing Ajay's planning to ruin him, Paul scrambles to protect his business. When he sees Andrew talking to Ajay, he orders his son to stay away from him – nervous he may accidentally reveal damaging information about Lassiters' insurance woes to his rival. Frustrated by his father's complete lack of empathy, Andrew vents to Tash, but is thrown when she offers no sympathy. Instead she points out that Paul always puts business first, but defensive Andrew refuses to listen, and chooses to remain loyally by his father's side – for now. When Sheila finds $10,000 in her newest garden gnome, she endeavours to find the owner. However, when Lauren assures her that the gnome didn't belong to anyone, Sheila resolves to keep the cash and indulges in some retail therapy. But when Bailey's roped in to help with her purchase. he realises the gnome with the robbery money is in Sheila's garden. Alerting Mason to his discovery, the boys attempt to steal back their stash but are thwarted by a suspicious Sheila, who insists that they tell her where they got the money. Is Mason and Bailey's secret about to be revealed? Fearing she's pregnant by her ex-boyfriend Robbo, anxious Amber keeps her worries secret from her family. But when she's unable to concentrate on her studies, Amber reluctantly confides in Kate. Seeing that Amber needs her support and not her judgement, Kate helps distract her brothers while Amber takes a pregnancy test.


Wednesday 24th April

When Bailey and Mason are grilled about the robbery money by Sheila they tell her that it belongs to Lou. However, they're forced to return home empty handed when she decides that they can't be trusted. When Sheila reveals their ruse to Lou, he plays along with it in order to retrieve the cash for the boys. Will he hand it over or does he have grander plans for the money? Seeing Sonya is still upset about her amnesia, Toadie shows her their wedding DVD in order to help spark her memory. It doesn't ring any bells and Sonya's hopes of recovery are again dashed when she fails to recognise the Lassiters robbery suspect in a police photo line-up. Toadie is determined not to give up. He gets Mason to help, despite his fears that Sonya will recall his involvement in the Lassiters robbery. Luckily for Mason, Sonya's memory of her wedding day again fails to surface - much to her frustration. But her disappointment turns to shame when she's reminded that other people lost more on her wedding day than just their memories. Amber's new-found peace of mind is shattered when Lou discovers her pregnancy test kit and tells Lauren. Lauren confronts a tight-lipped Amber about her pregnancy scare, but is disconcerted when Bailey and Mason seem to know more about Amber’s mystery boyfriend than they're letting on. When Matt arrives home to interrogate Mason about Robbo's whereabouts, Amber finally confesses to her parents that Robbo is, in fact, the one she's been seeing. Blame starts to fly and as tempers flare, everyone's secrets bubble to the surface. It's not long before a horrified Lauren realises her family has been hiding much more from her than she suspected.


Thursday 25th April

In the wake of the revelations about who was involved in the robbery that saw Mason sent to juvie, Lauren has realised just how in the dark she has been kept. Struggling to catch up, she is quickly aware of the depth of Matt's deception. At the same time, Lauren also realises how much her children have been forced to cope with, and how little help she has been able to be to them. Feeling cheated and lied to, she sets out to mend some fences with the kids, getting herself back up to speed with their emotional states and urging them to seek her help in future. Meanwhile, the questions over Matt's behaviour simmer until they boil over. This is one marriage in deep trouble. Having argued the day before about Paul, Tash and Andrew agree to steer clear of him as a topic of conversation. However, he is soon intruding in their lives anyway, as he pulls Andrew away just as Tash is struggling to articulate her general sense of restlessness. That sense of unease continues until she ends up triggering a confrontation with Paul, after witnessing just how heartless and selfish he can be. Paul needs a settlement on the Lassiters explosion and he will go to extreme lengths to get it. When he makes it clear that her relationship with Andrew is also within his sphere of influence, Tash has some serious questions to answer for herself. These questions are brought into sharp relief later, as she witnesses Andrew doing Paul's bidding. Feeling boxed in, Tash comes to a radical solution – one she hopes will open the world up to her and save the boyfriend she loves so much. Having had one dream dashed recently, Sophie proves what a shrewd operator she is, as she tricks Paul into granting her emancipation, allowing her to follow her dreams to a new school and join her brother in a new city.


Friday 26th April

Andrew struggles with his decision to leave Ramsay Street – should he stay and support Paul or go with Tash to Paris? Chris urges him to break the hold his father has over him and go with Tash, pointing out that Andrew needs to start living the life he wants, not the life Paul wants for him. When Paul once again dismisses Andrew, branding him a failure, Andrew's decision is made: he's going with Tash. Breaking the news to Paul isn't so easy, as Sophie, with the help of Kate, reveals to Paul that she tricked him into giving her permission to go to the Performing Arts High School in Sydney. With both Andrew and Sophie wanting to leave, a hurt Paul withdraws, shutting them both out. It's only through Kate's persistence that Paul finally relents, giving Andrew and Sophie his blessing for their lives ahead. But now Paul's lost his son - his most unwavering supporter - he has to fight his battle alone. How will he cope without him? When Sonya comes across an article on exercizes to regain memory, she realises that Toadie isn't as okay with her taking her time to remember the wedding as she thought. When he makes an emotional plea, backed up by Callum, to give it a go, Sonya feels compelled to agree. But when she suddenly remembers key events at the wedding, it seems as though her memory's come back on its own. However, when an overjoyed Toadie tells Vanessa the news, Mason also hears, and he's worried - if Sonya remembers the wedding, chances are, she'll also remember his role in the attempted robbery at Lassiters. It's only when Mason approaches Sonya to tell his side of the story that it's revealed that Sonya hasn't regained her memory at all. She made it up to protect Toadie's feelings. Vanessa gets a mysterious cheque in the mail, making her particularly nervous. And when a risqué picture of her appears in a magazine, it would appear Vanessa's past is about to come back to haunt her.

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