What's happening in Hollyoaks? Goodbye Jacqui McQueen!

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Jacqui makes her departure this week as she resorts to desperate measures in order to obtain the money required to get Mercedes back, but at what price will getting her sister back come for Jacqui?

Monday 15th April

The McQueens concoct a plan to save Mercedes, but to which extremes are they willing to go? As Callum is left feeling dejected, who will he turn to? An unexpected visitor delivers some shocking news which turns Diane’s world upside down, and a letter leaves Tony questioning his future…


Tuesday 16th April

Faced with a tricky ultimatum, what path will Jacqui decide to take?  And is everything as it seems? Robbie’s efforts to impress Sinead backfire with horrifying consequences, whilst Diane privately makes a surprise decision.


Wednesday 17th April

With extremes of life or death, how much are Phoebe and Jacqui prepared to risk?  Can a horrified Sinead cover for deceitful Robbie, despite their wrong-doing? Meanwhile, Tony is left with tough decisions to make, whilst Diane is stunned to the core by a piece of life-changing news.


Thursday 18th April

Jacqui is offered one final opportunity to save her sister, but is it too late? Darren is left with no option than to reveal his fraudulent truth to Nancy, but how will she cope with his betrayal?


Friday 19th April

Jacqui’s day takes a terrifying turn, could this be the end for Jacqui McQueen? Can deceived Nancy find it in her to forgive and forget? Or will she finally admit to her own dishonesties?