What's happening in Emmerdale? Kerry back to form?

Spoilers Emmerdale

Amy is shocked to find out that her mother Kerry appears to be back to her old ways this week when she leaves the kids on their own for a short time. Meanwhile, Thomas is forced to leave by Nicola and Jimmy but will he leave Hotten?

Monday 8th April

Thomas is forlorn as he is leaving today. Nicola is torn as she sees the pain Jimmy is in when he tells Thomas his taxi is booked for later. Belle wonders what she has done wrong as Lisa heads off for work without speaking to her. Jimmy is shocked when he discovers Thomas has packed his bags and left without a word and soon discovers from Dan that Thomas has also stolen his camper van again to escape in. Belle's gutted to hear from Jimmy that Thomas has left without saying goodbye and is heartbroken but Lisa still feels betrayed by her daughter and remains firm. Chas tells Cameron she is going to see Katie, but doesn’t want any hassle from him. Things are still strained between the pair.  At Home Farm, Katie is cooing over the new horse but Chas warns Declan discreetly and threateningly she is watching him. Back at the Woolpack, Cameron tries to apologise to Chas again but she is not interested, telling him he needs to control his temper and although she loves him, she won’t live like this anymore. Cameron can see he is not yet forgiven but that there may be hope for them.


Tuesday 9th April

Kerry is not looking forward to having the kids again on her own tonight and railroads Laurel into helping. Sarah forces Laurel to play games with her, whilst Kerry sits with a magazine, drinking wine. Kerry has to take over when Laurel goes home and her impatience soon upsets Sarah. After Sarah goes to bed, Kerry wants a cigarette and leaves the house to nip to the shop. With Kerry gone, Jack starts to cry and Sarah gets up to try and warm some milk on the hob. Sarah tries her best but clearly is scared and very aware she is alone. Kerry is guilty when she gets back to the scene of Sarah trying to do Jack’s milk and covers she was just outside. Kerry tells Sarah they should keep what happened tonight a secret as Andy returns. Andy takes Sarah back to bed and Kerry hopes he doesn’t find out she left the house. Nicola tells Jimmy that Dan's campervan has been found abandoned at the airport - he must have returned to his mum in Saudi. Searching for answers to Thomas's sudden disappearance Belle visits Jimmy asking if he knows why Thomas left. Jimmy's unsure but tries unsuccessfully to console a devastated Belle. Hearing Jimmy's feelings that he has failed Thomas, Nicola urges him that Thomas going was for the best and he's now safe at home where he belongs. Nicola states that Jimmy should concentrate on moving forwards and concentrating on his family as Angel needs him. Jimmy is cajoled into moving on with his life. Priya is keen to get Alicia set up with a man and forces David to join her on her mission. Priya thinks Dom and Alicia are perfect for each other and starts to wind them up. Alicia guesses what they’re up to and thwarts their plan.


Wednesday 10th April

Debbie collects the kids and Kerry hides her anxiety as Sarah hugs her tight, feeling guilty about what happened. With Kerry acting out of sorts, Andy worries to Amy that he has upset her by calling her a step mum. Amy says he needs to talk to her as Kerry is not keen on responsibility. In the pub, Kerry struggles with her guilt as she tells Amy that Andy panicked her with his assumptions. Andy later apologises and they make up as she tells him she loves him. Meanwhile, Amy, reels when she learns Kerry left Sarah alone and realises she is up to her old tricks again. Kerry’s caught when Amy questions her about last night, leaving Sarah and then getting her to lie to Andy. She warns her mum that either she tell Andy or she will. Steve and Bernice plan to use Nicola to find out what Declan has got in the pipeline. Steve asks Bernice to be subtle but she is far from it as she says she’ll go round tonight with some wine. At Mill, Bernice acts drunk as she flatters Nicola, marveling how Nicola runs the whole show at Home Farm. Bernice is delighted when she discovers some of Declan’s plans and sneakily texts Steve the figures for his bid on the land.  Chas is pleased when Cameron tells her the boys are coming to stay in Emmerdale instead.


Thursday 11th April

Gennie tries on her wedding dress and is still upset over Brenda not attending her wedding. Georgia is determined to make Brenda see sense and insists to Bob they go and buy her an outfit for the wedding. Meanwhile, Brenda is definite she is not attending and tells Gennie she is not going to let her illness ruin the day.  She will be thinking of her but she just can’t be there.  Later, Bob arrives with a mother-of-the-bride outfit for Brenda, just in case she changes her mind and even tempts Brenda into trying it on. Once in the dress, Bob takes a photo and texts it to Gennie. But Brenda begins to cry, unable to escape the reality of her condition and Bob worries he has made things worse.  Meanwhile, as the hens are being pampered, Gennie puts on a brave face, trying to enjoy her night. However, she gets upset and ends up leaving her own hen do. Meanwhile the stag night is underway and Nikhil’s aghast when Declan and David force him into an oompa-loompa outfit. Jai leads the men to Holdgate, where they’ve made the house a sweetie paradise and Nikhil is slightly terrified of the ‘candy girls’. Soon light-hearted banter between Declan and Jai turns sour. While Nikhil drunkenly asks Jai to be his best man having already got David lined up. Nikhil decides he has had enough and wants to see Gennie, he goes home, throwing his arms around her. Gennie has just been crying but tries to hide her upset. Can she go ahead with her big day? Gennie insists Chas is at the dress fitting even though she’s awaiting the arrival of Cameron and his boys. Cameron and the boys arrive and they immediately want to talk to Debbie. Debbie enjoys seeing Chas struggle with this.  Later, the tables are turned when Debbie is hurt to witness Chas playing happy families with Cameron and the boys. Bitter Debbie tells Andy exactly how she could wreck Chas’s relationship with the boys. Later, Debbie feels isolated as everyone is at the hen do. She overhears Cameron telling Chas he’s going out to get medicine for Harry and sneaks into the backroom, asking Dylan what he thinks of Chas. Debbie settles down with him and calmly watches TV. Cameron is livid when he returns to find Debbie with the boys and tries not to lose it in front of them. Debbie heads out coolly. Sean slurs Megan with some negative graffiti in the village. A feud is starting between Megan and the Spencers. Kerry is apprehensive about what Amy is going to say. Meanwhile, Amy tells David about Kerry leaving the kids alone.


Friday 12th April

Gennie struggles to be enthusiastic about her wedding day because of Brenda’s absence.  Meanwhile, Jai and David fight over who is Nikhil’s best man. Gennie stares at her dress whilst Georgia tries to cheer her up by telling her she is gaining a whole new family. Unsated, Gennie leaves, telling them she is going to find someone to give her away. Gennie arrives at the cafe to see Bob and Brenda. Gennie says “I was hoping it would be the day I’ve always dreamed of, ever since I was a little girl... with everyone there that I loved, watching me marry the man I love...” She then asks Bob to give her away, he is awkward but agrees when Brenda doesn’t step in.  Bob confronts Brenda, forcing her to see what she is doing and Brenda finally admits she is scared Gennie’s wedding day will be the last happy day she has. Meanwhile, Gennie’s ready to get married and is determined to put Brenda out of her mind. Unseen, Brenda watches Gennie leave for the wedding, torn about what to do. At Home Farm, Nikhil’s stressed that Brenda’s not there, wanting today to be perfect. The congregation is gathered and ready for the ceremony.  After a slight hitch with the music Gennie has arrived and she and Bob walk down the aisle.  Gennie looks sad as she sees Brenda’s empty seat.  Meanwhile, Brenda is at home, torn whether she should go or not. As the ceremony begins, Gennie looks distracted, Nikhil can tell she is wavering, can Gennie go ahead with her marriage without her mother there to witness it? Cain’s bemused by Moira’s strange mood as she snaps at him. Debbie offers to sell Adam cheap booze for his party and Adam is keen. Cain interrupts and orders Debbie to cease the deal and return Adam’s money to him. Both Debbie and Adam are left feeling annoyed. Later, Adam is angry that Cain interfered whilst Moira remains off with Cain.  Worried sick Moira pulls out a pregnancy test. She is crestfallen when she sees it’s positive.

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