What's happening in Neighbours? Chris is confused by Scotty's behaviour!

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Chris is confused this week when Georgia's boyfriend Scotty appears to come on to him at the camp out before trying to deny that anything happened, will the young mechanic be able to convince him to be truthful to himself?

Monday 1st April

Faced with the school board meeting and Brian's slanderous accusations, Priya's determined to defend herself, with both Paul and Ajay standing behind her. But when she arrives at the meeting, she discovers not only is her presence not required, but the regional director for the Department of Education is in attendance. Priya confronts Brian regarding his accusations and loses control when she's reminded that she deleted any proof of his wrong doing, and also completely mishandled the situation. She's mortified when her outburst is witnessed by the regional director and is subsequently informed that she's suspended, pending a full investigation into her conduct and performance as a principal. With her career in tatters, Ajay pledges his full support and love for her. As Toadie throws himself into wedding plans, Sonya's guilt grows over her hiding Angie's real reason for leaving. She reveals her deep fears about her addiction to Lucas. She's worried that Toadie will feel the same way as his mother: that she could relapse at any time and pose a danger to their children. Lucas reassures Sonya that Toadie's faith in her is true, but encourages her to be honest with him. Sonya does and the pair draw even closer. But when wedding planning resumes, it's clear that the two of them are not on the same page. When Mason realises Kate is a neighbour, and notes her attraction to him, he once again pursues her. This time, however, he exaggerates his age. Kate's intrigued, but doesn't commit until she witnesses his charming behaviour with Lucas and Vanessa. Embarrassed when she discovers that Mason has lied to her, Kate sets him straight, saying that there's no chance they'll ever go out. Despite her declaration, Mason still manages to get under her skin. How long will her declaration last? When Vanessa comes searching for some missing cake tins, Mason and Bailey learn of the council clean up and the supposed disposal of the gnome. They're resigned to the fact that they'll never see the money again. But, when hunting down Chris about his job, Mason comes tantilisingly close to finding where the gnome and the money really is located.


Tuesday 2nd April

Chris is less than impressed when he discovers that Lucas has given Mason a trial at the garage with the strong possibility of making him a full time employee. Knowing that Mason is far from trustworthy, but unable to tell Lucas this directly, Chris pushes Lucas to check Mason's references, hoping they'll uncover something disreputable about him and the problem will be solved. Lucas fails to unearth anything, but when he questions Lou about a missing reference in Mason's CV, Lou is compelled to do some unearthing of his own. His enquiries lead him to discover that Mason has actually spent the last nine months in a juvenile detention centre for breaking and entering. Lou is shocked to say the least: not only is his grandson a criminal, but his entire family has kept it from him. As far as Lou's concerned, Lucas needs to be informed about Mason's past. Could Chris's wish for Mason to be removed from the garage be granted after all? Priya has been suspended, pending a transfer to Robin Vale, and Rani is copping the fall-out at school, especially from Alister O'Loughlin, Brian's son, who blames Priya for causing bitter tension between his mother and father. Despite suffering for her mother's alleged crimes, Rani puts on a brave face for Priya at home, telling her that everything is fine. In truth, Rani feels partly to blame for Priya's suffering and wants to make amends with her mother. Both Priya and Ajay are pleased about this. It seems as though the long term rift between mother and daughter is finally being healed.


Wednesday 3rd April

Blood proves thicker than water for Lou when, having discovered Mason was in juvenile detention, he is forced to lie to Lucas for the sake of Mason’s job. But the discovery that Lauren’s been keeping the truth from him is only compounded when, given the chance to come clean, Lauren continues to lie to her father. When she later learns that Lou has found out, Lauren apologises and appeals to him for his understanding. Lou forgives her on the condition they keep no more secrets in the family, but this only makes Matt uneasy: his wife still doesn’t know the full extent of what transpired with Mason, something that could ruin their dreams of starting a new life in Erinsborough. Georgia’s charity Camp Out for the hospital is a huge success, managing to raise thousands of dollars, but it’s not without its hurdles. When the band she booked fails to turn up, Georgia has little choice but to get up and perform herself, a talent the smitten Kyle never knew she had and which only makes him yearn for her even more. The attraction between them is strong, and they struggle to conceal it in front of Scotty, not that he seems to notice. After a game of Trivial Pursuit in which third wheel Scott can’t keep up with playful rapport, Scotty goes for a wander, and drops by Chris’s tent for a visit. Chris is surprised to see him and even more so when Scotty says something that could be construed as making a move on him. Having invited Kate to the Camp Out with him, Mason is eager to impress her and buys the best bottle of champagne he can afford. He’s annoyed when Bailey rocks up instead, explaining that Kate gave him his ticket. Later, in their tent, they discuss Bailey’s involvement in the burglary that resulted in Mason going to juvie and how Matt got Bailey off to avoid him going to jail too. When Tash tells Andrew she’s abandoning her vow of celibacy, Andrew is understandably excited. But off the back of some comments from Sheila about Andrew’s malleability, he decides to play hard to get. Furious, Tash calls him on his attitude and Andrew confesses that perhaps he’s been trying to play her at her own game but that it seems silly now, and seconds later they are toppling into their tent, tearing at each other’s clothes.


Thursday 4th April

When Scotty acts as if nothing happened between him and Chris at the Camp Out, Chris suspects he’s deceiving Georgia. Chris confides in Kyle, but is surprised and exasperated when Kyle takes Scotty’s side over his. Chris then confronts him directly, but Scotty’s casualness convinces Chris he’s got things wrong. He tells Kyle to forget the doubts he raised, prompting Kyle to offer Scotty a job in his continuing effort to bury his feelings and be supportive of Georgia. Is Kyle unwittingly supporting a man he should be exposing? Exasperated by Toadie’s belief his weddings are cursed, Sonya tries to cheer him up by enlisting Kate to help choreograph a fun dance down the aisle for the wedding ceremony. Her idea seems to be working to distract Toadie until he throws his back out at dance practice. And when they then discover an embarrassing misprint in their wedding invitations, Toadie is certain his curse is back. Still in high spirits after their reconciliation, Karl and Susan are keen to help Ajay and Priya get through their own relationship problems. They invite the struggling couple over for dinner to take their mind off things, but Ajay and Priya’s troubles follow when Susan gets a phone call at dinner offering her Priya’s job as Principal. Vanessa and Lucas agree to stand in for Connor and Jade at rehearsals for Sonya and Toadie’s dance down the aisle. Seeing Sonya’s excitement for her special day makes them reflect on the mistakes of their own aborted wedding. But while neither will admit it, it also sows the seed that perhaps they could still have a special wedding of their own.


Friday 5th April

Having been offered Priya’s job, Susan knows Priya’s situation is far more dire than she realises. Feeling she has little choice, Susan decides she has to tell her, but she can’t bring herself to shatter Priya’s good mood and keeps quiet about the news throughout dinner with the Kapoors. The next morning, Susan decides she must come clean, but she's too late – Paul gets in first, breaking the news to a stunned Priya. Hitting rock bottom, she’s determined to do something to fix her job situation. She meets with Brian, attempting to convince him to tell the school board he lied. But she’s left appalled when Brian suggests he’ll do what she wants – if she spends one night with him. Paul explains to Andrew his plan to sell off part of Lassiters Hotel as apartments, and sets him the task of selling three of them off the plan. Andrew’s determined not to let Paul down, and Tash is concerned by how much he’s willing to take on to please his dad. Meanwhile, Sheila shows interest in the properties, and Andrew’s pleased she may be about to become his first customer. But as Paul takes a phone call revealing the development hasn’t actually been approved by the council, it seems the new Robinson family project may not be entirely above board. Kate continues to resist flirty Mason’s advances, despite her attraction to him. When a driving mishap results in Bossy going missing, Mason helps Kate track the dog down – but only in exchange for a date. Put on the spot, Kate reluctantly agrees. She is forced to go back on her word, however, determined not to make another mistake with a younger man. She tells a disappointed Mason that nothing’s ever going to happen between them. Will Mason really take her rejection lying down?

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