What's happening in Hollyoaks? New boy in town!

Spoilers Hollyoaks

New boy Robbie kicks up a storm in the village this year and it looks like Callum may end up being his partner in crime. Elsewhere, Phoebe ends up in hospital after Trudy's crimes catch up with Jacqui, will she be okay?

Monday 1st April

The morning after the night before and Phoebe is feeling worse for wear, but as her symptoms worsen it looks as though there may be something more sinister at play.  Clare has a business proposition for Dr Browning. With Mercedes out of the picture, will he fall for her charms? Meanwhile Ruby rallies the troops to help Esther return to college, but it may not be all plain sailing when someone has other ideas.


Tuesday 2nd April

A new bad boy’s in town and wreaks havoc on the village.  Esther struggles to overcome her demons as the 6th formers plan a fashion show in her honour. Is she ready to face up to her past? Tony finds himself in the midst of a love triangle but who will he choose?  Jacqui is on the warpath in the fall out from Phoebe’s collapse.


Wednesday 3rd April

John Paul’s professional integrity is tested when he learns of Jen’s indiscretions; will she get her comeuppance? Jacqui is in a moral quandary when Trudy offers to help Phoebe out of a tight squeeze, but at what cost? Maxine and Liam join forces in a money making scheme that promises to go off with a bang. Callum has a new partner in crime and they are intent on exacting revenge!


Thursday 4th April

Romance blossoms for Tony, but his recent sacrifices threaten to scupper the success of his new business, leading to a shock confession from Jacqui. Tilly finds an unlikely ally as she attempts to rid the village of Jen for good.  John Paul turns to Doug for solace as he is forced to evaluate his future.  Meanwhile, Callum and Robbie continue to ruffle feathers in the village, is this the start of a destructive friendship?


Friday 5th April

Chez Chez is up for auction and it’s a race to the finish line for the prospective bidders, but who will succeed in securing it? Meanwhile, things appear to be on the up for John Paul, but a harmless prank may be the undoing of him. Tilly and Esther grow closer as recent events draw them together. Dr Browning has some reservations about Clare; will he see through her devious plans?


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